St. Patrick’s Day Activities

This activity was a huge hit with ED this past week.  I chose some words from ED’s phonics readers and wrote them out on some shamrocks and taped them on popcycle sticks.  I covered an empty cereal box with construction paper and wrote the words out on the box as well and used a knife to create a slit for the popcycle sticks.

I sat with ED each time she did this activity so she could practice reading the words aloud.

You could do this same activity for letter recognition and matching (B-b) or to practice addition or multiplication facts.

I couldn’t find the shamrock template I recommended a couple of years ago (the link didn’t work), so I made my own sheets.

Feel free to download these free shamrock templates if you can use them:

You could also use these to do some shamrock fishing like we did last year:

ED did letter matching last year:

While DD did some addition practice:

Last weekend I shared the St. Patrick’s Day Multiplication pack (We have moved to It’s also free to download.

Here’s the link to all of our previous St. Patrick’s Day activities and crafts.

I updated a post from a couple of years ago.  It has lots of links to various free St. Patrick’s Day packs for preschoolers:

St Patrick’s Day Units — Free Downloads, Printables, etc.

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