Igneous Rock Activities

This past week, we spent a lot of time delving into the three different types of rocks.  The first day we looked closely at some of the different igneous rocks.

We started by reading about igneous rocks from a couple of books and filling in the boxes on our chart. (More about that free packet at this post about the Three Types of Rocks.)

We then pulled out a rock chart that I had gotten at oriental trading a number of years ago.  We found all the igneous rock cards and put them into the chart. Then we brought out some of the igneous rock chips from our rock collection and tried to identify them with the information from our chart and from the pictures we had on hand. The kids were SO engaged!!

I pulled out the obsidian (the big piece in LD’s hand below) that I had found when I was a little girl (when I was 5!! Can you believe I still have that?!) and LD ran off to his room to show us the obsidian he had found when we were in Colorado a couple of years ago. They identified the granite, basalt, obsidian, and pumice.

Of course, we had to test whether our pumice would float in water. It did!

The last thing we did that day (though a bit later in the day), was to crack open some geodes. The girls got these kits from their cousins for Christmas (Thanks B and Z!), but we saved them because we knew we’d be doing this unit. We read how geodes form and then went at them with a hammer!  Fun stuff!

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