Learning About Islam – Free Worksheets and Resources for Kids

This year we are studying World Cultures and our focus has been on Africa.  Before we delve further into the culture and history of northern Africa, I wanted to help the kids understand a bit about Islam.

Here is a set of worksheets I made for the kids as we learned a bit about Islam. This might also be helpful if you are doing an introduction to world religions.

NOTE: We will be moving to homeschoolden.com. We will be moving all of our printables there including our World Religion printables.

 You can download the free Learning About Islam Worksheets here.

The kids also did this cut-and-paste activity about the Five Pillars of Islam:

I also came across a couple other useful resources that I used with the kids (view this post for the links to these and the other resources here I’ve mentioned):

  • The Story of Mohammad - A two page summary of Mohammad’s life and accompanying fill-in-the-blank pages.  The kids listened to the story and then filled the pages out for their history notebooks.

We also read Muhammad by Demi:

Maps that show the major world religions:

  • A pie chart of World Religions
  • A world map of the major religions
We studied the maps and noted how northern Africa is primarily Muslim (green and maroon):

Other useful Resources on Islam (for kids).

Finally, here are some of the books I checked out of the library to share with the kids. They mostly deal with Ramadan and Eid. We read a new book each day for about a week and a half. Here are some of them, though I missed a few others we read (I returned them to the library already and forget what they were.)

Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns is gorgeous book which highlights some of the key words of Islam. It is a “book of colors” but definitely worth checking out because the illustrations are so captivating (for any age!).

I also highly recommend What You Will See in a Mosque. This had a lot of interesting information (like the practice of washing hands, arms, feet and face before praying). We learned lots and lots from this book:

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  1. by Raina

    On February 23, 2013 at 12:33 pm

    If you are going to teach about Islam then you need to tell the whole truth and not sugar coat it! Islam allows for beheading gays, beating women, forcing women to cover themselves from head to to, they allow for men to have multiple wives and to stone people to death (women) for adultery. Countries who live under Islam will imprison those who won’t conform to their ideology… Lets be factual when teaching children… Political correctness needs to go out the window… Teach them about Daniel Steele who was a reporter whom had his head cut off while he was alive and filmed for the world to see… This is Islam… There is nothing peaceful about it…

  2. by Bethany

    On February 23, 2013 at 1:44 pm

    I can’t believe that here in America, you would even post this. Did you know two Islamists just beheaded and cut off the hands of an American-Egyptian man? I’ll never read your magazine and will discourage everyone I know to do the same.

  3. by Laura

    On February 23, 2013 at 4:22 pm

    Oh heck no! Like Raina said – you had better be telling the truth about Islam! Which from what I see, you are not. Darn shame that so many feel the need to be politically correct & not tell the whole truth – or just tell the “truth” of what the liberal media reports. I welcome you to come on over to Murfreesboro & Nashville to see how they treat us Americans over here….you’d be shocked & horrified by how blantant their hate towards America is & they make no secret about their plans for us. I could give you countless stories of the things they are doing right here in our area, not to mention the rest of our country….then there’s alaways what they are doing to their own people in the middle east.

  4. by Liesl Den

    On February 23, 2013 at 6:52 pm

    I can see you are passionate in your views. Discussions like these are important among adults, perhaps points of discussion for high schoolers, but at this point these are not topics I would bring up with my young kids as we look at and get a glimpse of other countries and cultures around the world. It’s the same reason why our family has chosen not to study the Civil War, World War I or World War II yet. These topics are just too rough for my kids at the ages of just-turned-5 and 7 (We’ve read and discussed some of these topics with my 9 year old at an age-appropriate level.). As a parent, I limit what TV shows or movies my kids can watch and in that same way, I choose to share with them that there are other religions than just our own, but choose not to bring up much about extremism.

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