Valentine’s Day Bump Game — Division

Can you believe how quickly Valentine’s Day is approaching?  Here’s a game I made to practice division.  As always, these games are free to download. :)  

To Play:

  1. The first player draws a division card.  She determines the answer and places a token on the heart.
  2.  If another player has a token on the heart, the player can bump the other player’s token off and replace it with her own token.
  3. When a player has two tokens on a heart, she has won that heart.
  4. The player who has the most hearts at the end of the game wins.

Download the Valentine’s Bump Game — Division. We have moved to

I also made some basic division cards to go with this game. Cut them out and shuffle well before playing.  You can also use cards that you have on hand.

Download the Valentine’s Division Cards.

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