Valentine’s Multiplication Worksheets and Game Boards

Although I have a couple more posts about our trip, I thought I’d first share a couple of the games I made for the kids for Valentine’s Day since it’s quickly approaching.  As always, these games are free to download. :) The first set are multiplication worksheets and game boards to practice the 4s and 6s times tables.

**DD only started working on these today (Monday) and I saw there was an error on her paper.  I corrected it and re-posted the packet.

There are five multiplication worksheets. The basic templates look like this…

Download the free Valentine’s Multiplication Worksheets.

I also made a set of multiplication game boards for DD to practice her 4s and 6s times tables.

How To Play:

  • Cut out the game cards on page 3 and shuffle. Place them all in a pile.
  • Each player needs one token to move around the board. Place token on start.
  • Take the top game card and multiply it by 4 (or by 6 if using the 6s gameboard).
  • Move to the next available space with that product. For example, if the player draws a 6, multiply 6×4 and move to the next available 24 space on the board.
  • The first player to arrive at finish with one of the three numbers indicated wins the game.

I’ll also be sharing a couple of other Valentine’s math games I made for the other kids: division and doubling. Stay tuned for those.

If you find these helpful, I’d love to hear from you either here in the comments area or over at my Facebook page. ~Liesl

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