Equivalent Fraction Cards (Pokemon Theme)

I made a set of equivalent fraction cards.  LD has to figure out the correct answer and then moves that many spaces on our homemade Fast Track Gameboard.

You can download these Equivalent Fraction Cards here.

We made our own gameboard years ago and still have it tucked in the corner to pull out!  This was an idea I got from the wonderful book, Games for Math by Peggy Kaye. You can use this for number recognition, addition, subtraction, multiplication (no reason why you can’t go move ahead 21 spaces, right?!!)… the possibilities are really endless!

Today LD and I played 7 rounds of equivalent fraction Fast Track!  What a great way to cover the material!!

You might also be interested in the Equivalent Fraction packet I made for LD and shared a few days ago.  At the beginning of the week he found them difficult, but by the end of the week he caught on completely!

FYI: I also made Pokemon multiplication cards for DD to use with our Fast Track board game.

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