Winter Theme Preschool Unit

Over the break, I wanted to pull together a fun packet for ED with activities she can (mostly) do on her own when I’m working with the other kids.  I settled on a winter-relating unit– snowmen, snowflakes and things like that.  Here are some of the resources I pulled together for her:

When I want to find some preschool resources for ED, here are some of the first websites I go visit:


Find the Difference – Snowmen

1 to 100 Winter Maze

Learn to Draw a Snowflake

Making Learning Fun Snowmen Ideas

Make your Own Winter (or any theme) Tracer Pages   You can choose any words you want, here’s one I made for ED’s pack:

Sledding Fun Maze

Winter Domino Set


Winter Themed Bingo Cards with sight words

I’m sure I’ll be adding to these, but I thought I’d share what I have for ED so far.


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