25 Self-Reflection Questions for New Year’s

Are you into making New Year’s Resolutions?  I find the process of self-reflection quite helpful when it comes to our family life and homeschooling.  I tend to do this twice a year — at the end of each semester in December and again in June.

Last June my self-reflection had a lot to do with our short term and long term homeschooling goals. This season I seem to be pondering things more philosophically especially in light of some health issues that have cropped up for our family. More about that a little later.

So here are some of the questions I’ve been considering…

What am I grateful for this year?

What went well this year?

What three words best capture the essence of this past year?

What was the best memory of the year?

What was the biggest improvement in our lives this past year?

What obstacles did we overcome?

What would make me/us happier? How can I/we make this happen?

What activities do we want to drop? What activities do we want to make time for?

How can we increase our time together (family meals, games, day-trips, etc.)?  Make sure we schedule thing on the calendar!

What do I like about myself?

What do I do well? What is my gift to the world?

What would I most like to change about myself this year?

How can I make more time for/with my spouse?

Am I in touch with the friends and loved ones that are important to me? How can I stay more connected with others?

If I knew I were to die in the next month or two, what would I do? What does that say about my life now?

Am I being truly generous to others (to my family, my friends, my community) in terms of my attention, time and energy? How can I improve?

How can I help someone else this next week/month?

If the house were to burn down, aside from loved ones/pets, what would I save? What does that say about what’s important? Does this coincide with the goals we have as a family?

What’s my favorite place in the house?  Does this area look like I want it to? What could be improved? What do I like about this area and how can I replicate that in other parts of the house?

What’s going well and what needs improvement in terms of

    • our health
    • academically
    • emotionally
    • spirtually
    • our family goals
    • our daily life

Am I carrying problems, gripes, issues that need to be dropped (or dealt with)?

What’s on my “not to do” list? (What are the biggest time wasters in my life.)

    • don’t answer the phone during school hours
    • don’t get on the computer during our most productive hours
    • … and things like that!

 Do we have any special plans for this next year?  What do we need to make this happen (a trip, saving money and vacation time, etc.)?

Daydream about the future… What dreams do we have for the future as a family? How can we make this happen?

What legacy am I leaving behind?

Hope some of these questions gets you thinking about how you want 2013 to be as good or better than this past year!


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