Christmas Multiplication with Pete the Cat and the Christmas Pup (2s thru 5s)

The girls beg me daily for new “cute stuff” in their workboxes. The moment I have something for one–the other is clamoring for something new too! When I told DD about this new pack she ran as fast as she could to her math workbox, pulled it out and filled out the first page!  How’s that for motivation?!!

DD is working on her multiplication tables from 1s through 5s.  I drew these cat and dog characters to spice up her math practice.  There are six pages — one pages is just multiplication by 3s, another is by 4s, and the other pages include a mix of problems. I made the illustrations for these pages (do you recognize Pete the Cat there?!! I’ve got to go with what inspires the kids, right?!!).

Click here to download the Christmas Cat and Dog Multiplication Pack.

Since the holidays are coming up so quickly I’ll share the addition and division pages I made over the next couple of days.

If you find these helpful I’d love to hear from you here or over at my Facebook page. ~Liesl

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