More Fun Science Experiments: Watch them Bubble, Bubble Bombs… Acid-Base Reactions

Our chemistry textbook also talked about acid-base reactions.  It explained how antacids can help neutralize the strong acids in your stomach. We contrasted this slow reaction…

to the more impressive reaction of baking soda and vinegar! DD was putting her fingers in to see how her stomach would feel.

If you haven’t already done Bubble Bombs with your kids, be sure to do that as well! You take a ziploc bag and pour vinegar into it. Then place baking soda on a tissue paper and hold it up at the top as you zip the bag closed.  Let go of the tissue letting the baking soda fall into the vinegar. It reacts quickly!

We first did this at least five years ago — and just a few weeks ago he rounded up all the ingredients and did this for a long time out in the yard with ED!!

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