Suffering With Cold — oops I mean… Halloween Math Sheets (PreK or K)

Because we’re so busy, I often blog a week or so in advance — then shuffle things around as seems appropriate.  But in a way that’s bad because then I feel like I can’t just chit-chat about our homeschooling because there’s a post with a particular theme… hardly fitting for bantering about bad homeschool days or the house-stuff that hasn’t gotten done. So… I’m going to interrupt my own post for some chit-chat! At the end of last week I caught a nasty cold. Ugh… It was one of those quick 24-36 hour take-you-down then you bounce back but are left with very little voice and a deep chesty cough. As a result, we needed a sick day for Mom on Thursday where the only thing we did was spelling/writing.  I dragged the kids up onto my bed, dictated some words/sentences and then sent them away with the declaration… “unless you’re bleeding or the house is on fire please leave me be for a while.” Then I fell deeply asleep for about 40 minutes until ED came in asking if it was TV time yet. The nap was just enough to get me through the day (and of course that happened to be the day that Hubby was stuck at work until 9pm!).  On those days I dream of having a substitute to call on!

Oh–well I do sort of have a cook … it’s called the crock-pot!  I sure don’t know what I’d do without it. Tonight I’m making Middle Eastern Lentil Soup, a recipe I thought I had lost, but it’s now bubbling away in the crockpot. Our family’s favorite crockpot meal is Taco Soup which I shared a while back.  Any good recipes or crockpot meal suggestions you could share??!!

Anyway, I just wanted to throw all that in because homeschooling isn’t always smooth, productive, fun and/or inspiring!  Remember, blogs can’t ever give you the true picture — especially when you’re focusing (hanging on!) to those good, productive (and sometimes fleeting) educational moments!

And now onto the ‘real’ post… funny, I interrupted myself there too!!

I had another post all set to post about what my preschooler has been doing lately, but I thought I’d bump that post back to the end of the week so I can share a couple of Halloween-themed printables I made for the kids for this week (there’s another post tomorrow that was for the older kids).

Here are some Halloween themed math sheets I made for my preschooler this next week.  I thought I’d share them now for anyone else who might be interested.  I think she’ll have a lot of fun with these pages… plus I really enjoy doodling on the computer drawing pad! :) Since I didn’t feel to well (see paragraph above!!) I really was just wasting time in front of the computer. Shh… don’t tell the family!

Halloween Math Pack (for PreK or K)

Hope someone else finds them useful!  As always, if you download them I’d love to hear from you either here or at my Facebook page!

If you’re looking for other printables about this level, you might want to visit Busy Bee Printables. They’re really cute and I stuck in a few other pages from them into ED’s math pack for the week.

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  1. by Jenny

    On October 22, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well! We’re in our third week of no one feeling 100%- nothing major, but none of us are completely well either. The worksheets and link will definitely come in handy- so easy to print and go! Thank you!

  2. by Liesl Den

    On October 23, 2012 at 4:17 pm

    Thanks Jenny,

    I can’t seem to kick these deep, chesty cough but luckily I’m feeling much, much better! Hope you’re doing well!