Ancient Egypt Unit: Creating the Nile River Valley

We started our unit on Ancient Egypt with a geography project. This is one we did about four years ago as well, but it was well worth repeating!

We placed sand in an old plastic container. Then using toilet paper and paper towel rolls, we created the base for the winding Nile River. We covered that with aluminum foil. In upper Egypt we created the ‘mountains.’ We sprinkled potting soil on our mountain and in the river bed and proceeded to flood the river!

After ‘farming’ the area (by sprinkling grass seed and lettuce seeds) we placed our scene off to the side for a week or so to wait for our results! It’s still a work in progress as you’ll see. We haven’t yet started talking about the pyramids — and we’ll be making small ones to add to our Nile River valley at some point in the next week or so:


This is how our Nile River project looked four years ago… this one is still a work in progress!

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing some of the Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses worksheets I made — and talking about that portion of our unit. In the meantime, hope you have a great day!

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  1. by Kjerstin

    On October 18, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    What a fun, clever idea! I’m so tempted to plant our entire garden this way next year, haha… So creative! :)

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