Holiday Skip Counting Pages (2s thru 7s)

I made some Christmas skip counting mazes for my daughter last year and printed them out for her math notebook.  You’ll find skip counting pages for the 2s through the 7s.

Download the Free Christmas Skip Counting Mazes:

To solve the skip counting maze you go from 2,4,6… through 50 going left, right, up, down or diagonally. (To solve the 6s maze you’d count 6, 12, 18…) Here’s how the solution to the 2s maze would look:

You might also like the 6s skip counting/clapping game. The girls made a video to show how that works!

If you find them useful, I’d love to hear from you over at my Homeschool Den Facebook Page!

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Christmas Addition Worksheets with Pete the Cat

I made these pages a couple of years ago. They include basic addition practice and a blank sheet for domino math.  I’ll have her roll the die and fill in the blanks—and I’ll also use some dominoes and have her fill in the numbers. If you don’t have actual dominoes, you can print the domino set from Mathwire. They even have a add-on set for up to double-nines.

I’m hoping to create some subtraction pages for her this year. Hopefully I get my act together!

Click here to download Christmas Addition with Pete the Cat and the Christmas Pup. There are six pages.

Yesterday I posted a similar set of multiplication and division pages. As always, if you print these out I’d love to hear from you either here or over at my Homeschool Den Facebook page! Thanks! ~Liesl

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Pete the Cat Multiplication and Division Pages

A couple of years ago I made these Pete the Cat inspired pages for the kids.  They love when I make practice pages just for them! :)

You can download the Christmas Division Pages here.

Meanwhile, I made these sheets for DD when she was working on her multiplication tables from 1s through 5s. (That’s why there is nothing higher than that.)  There are six pages — one pages is just multiplication by 3s, another is by 4s, and the other pages include a mix of problems. I made the illustrations for these pages (do you recognize Pete the Cat there?!! I’ve got to go with what inspires the kids, right?!!).

Click here to download the Christmas Cat and Dog Multiplication Pack.

If you find these pages helpful I’d love to hear from you either here or over at my Facebook page! ~Liesl

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Christmas Math Games (Number Battles, Place Value, Odd-Even)

In this post you’ll find free Christmas-themed math cards and various math games you can play with your kids… anyone from 2-10 depending on how you use the cards!!

There are lots and lots of different cards games you can play during math time.  Here are some of the number cards I made for the kids. They look like this:

Ages 2-4: If you have a toddler or preschooler you can print out two sets of numbers, cut out one set and have your kids match the numbers on the other (uncut) sheet. You can also use these numbers to go around a game board (Here’s a game board I made for the kids that you can download for free).  You can pull out festive erasers, flip over a card and have you kids count that same amount. As long as you’re having fun, you child will have fun too!

Math War (Ages 5-10): There are also a number of games you can play with cards like these with older kids.  Place all the cards face down in two stacks (one pile for each player). Each player turns a card over. You can play math war…

either by adding two numbers and seeing who has the larger number:


or by multiplying two numbers and seeing who wins the battle with the larger number:

If you have a preschooler, you can also play math war. Simply lay out one card per player and have the child determine which number is greater.

Ages 4-8: You and the kids can play a place value game — to see which player comes up with the largest number (there are two cards in the packet):

Another game for kids learning to add is Make 10 (or 7 or 18…)

Age 2-4: If you have a toddler or a preschooler you can also print out two sets of number cards, cut them up, lay them all out spread out face down on the floor and play memory finding two 3s or two 8s.

Math Spinner Game: The final game is similar to Math War above. Have each player add (or multiply) two numbers [for a younger child just choose one number]. Spin the spinner and see who won!

You can download this free set of Christmas math cards and the games above by clicking on the link or the picture below:

Free Christmas Number Cards and Math Games (13 pages total)

If you found this helpful, I would love to hear from you over at my Homeschool Den Facebook Page.  Hearing from readers is what makes sharing worthwhile!

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Christmas Math Games (ages 4-8)

Here are several Christmas-themed math games that I made for ED last year. I’ve printed them out for her again this year and will put them into her workbox for next week. I’ll explain how to play below.

The first game is called the Quick Christmas Cross-Off.  It’s great for kids who are learning to recognize double-digit numbers.

You need the number cards 0 through 9 from five or six different decks. Print off one of the game boards (there’s a large one on the following page or 2 small ones on page 15.)

Each player chooses a different color marker or crayon.

  • On the first player’s turn, she takes 2 cards and put them together in any order and cross of that number combination.
  • A player with the number 3 and 4 cards could cross off either 34, 43 or 3 and 4.
  • The first player to connect 5 boxes in a row wins!

Great Grid Game

For this game you need cards from 1-6 and two markers or crayons of different colors.

  • The first player selects two cards. Create a grid with those numbers.
  • For example, if a player gets a 2 and 6 she marks out a grid like the green example below.
  • If the next player gets two 3s, she would mark out the grid like the red example below.
  • Continue playing until the board is covered and/or no more grids can be colored.

If you are interested, you can download the game boards for these below:

Christmas Math Games: Quick Christmas Cross-Off and The Great Grid Game

I’ll be back tomorrow with some Christmas-themed math cards you can print out.  See again soon here or at our Homeschool Den Facebook Page.

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