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Were You Afraid to Breastfeed?

Monday, June 11th, 2012

A co-worker just sent me a clip of a  Good Morning America interview with Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. It aired this morning, and I had seen it earlier while clicking around online, but I hadn’t watched it yet. I am not a Snooki fan; in fact, I think she’s pretty gross. But celebrity pregnancies are part of my beat here at, and so I read (or watch) pretty much everything on the topic.

So far Snooki has handled her pregnancy just like I’d expect a C-list celeb with a bad rep to; basically it’s one obnoxious photo op after another. She appeared on the cover of a tabloid to announce her pregnancy. She, gasp, colored her hair. She bared her bump in a bikini on a beach. She walks around in ridiculous shoes. And she still has three more months to go, so I’m sure that there’s plenty more fodder coming for the tabloids.

The GMA interview was pretty vanilla, but one part caught my attention. When Snooki was asked whether she planned to breastfeed (a rude question, in my opinion), she admitted that she was scared.

“My friend did and she said it was so painful…but I definitely want to pump because it’s the best nutrients for the baby,” she told GMA. However, she was quick to point out that pumping didn’t really excite her either. “It’s kind of like you’re a cow and you’re just milking.”

At least she was honest. I can relate to those fears a little bit. I was worried that I wouldn’t get the technique right and that Mason would  starve as a result. I was also a little nervous about the pain. And I can certainly remember feeling like a cow while pumping.

Were you afraid to nurse, or at least nervous about it, before your baby was born?

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