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Mason’s Second Slice, A Weekly Tradition is Born

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Since Mason loved his first slice of New York-style pizza so much, Chris has decided to take him out for pizza Thursdays after school, whenever possible. Apparently the place they go to is a Peach Pit for two year olds (if you spent your middle school years watching the original Beverly Hills 90210 like I did, you know exactly what I mean). It was filled with tots and Mason flirted with a girl his age, who apparently goes to a neighboring daycare, between bites of his slice.

This pizza outing was a little different than their last. Mason didn’t fold his slice right away, but he definitely enjoyed it. He started with the cheese (above, left), because what toddler isn’t obsessed with the stuff? Then he took his first bite of crust (right). And with a sauce-covered face and hair askew, he turned around and made eyes (left) at the cutest girl in the place.

Chris’ account of their interaction:

When she walked in, Mason waved to her and said “Hi.” She and her mommy proceeded through the line with their order and then sat down at the table next to us. This little girl was beautiful, with big brown eyes and long dark hair. She had just turned 2, according to her mother, and her name was Isabella. The tots sat parallel to one another, and smiled at each other as Isabella took dainty bites of her pizza and Mason savagely devoured his slice.

After the kids finished eating, they parted ways. It was getting late and both had to be in bed by 8. But not to worry, Mason, you’ve got years to hang with girls! And mommy and daddy won’t always be there to cramp your style.


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My Baby’s First Slice

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Pizza is a big deal in New York. Authentic New York-style pie is cut into large, wide slices with a thin, foldable crust. I had plans to meet a friend after work last night for a drink, so Chris told me that he was going to introduce Mason to his first slice on the way home from school. I felt a little torn about missing this monumental milestone in my little New Yorker’s life, but I couldn’t deny Chris such a perfect father-son moment.

My only requests? Please try to get him a slice with veggies on it. And take lots of photos! He took the photo, but there was no green anywhere on that pie. You win some, you lose some…:)

The boys went to a pizzeria near school on Second Avenue, in midtown East, and Chris purchased two giant slices of pizza. Bug looked perplexed. What was this thing? So Chris made the first move. He picked up his slice, folded it in half, and took a bite. Mason mimicked his daddy’s actions–and, like the true New Yorker he is, he loved every bite. (Of the three of us, Mason was the only one who was actually born in the city; my roots are Midwestern, and Chris is from the south.)

I showed a photo of Mason eating his slice (above) to my coworker Jessica this morning, and told her that Chris was so proud of Mason for eating his slice folded–the “right” way. She sent me this clip from the Daily Show in which John Stewart makes fun of Donald Trump for taking Sarah Palin to a, gasp, inauthentic pizzeria in Times Squares and, double gasp, eating his jumbo slice with a knife and fork. Stewart makes the crack,  “Based on how you eat pizza, Donald, I want to see your long-form birth certificate. I don’t think you were really born in New York!” (An obvious reference to Trump’s part in the hoopla about President Obama’s birth certificate). Pretty hysterical. Check it out!

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