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6 Surprising Things My Kid Ate (& Loved) This Weekend

Monday, March 5th, 2012

On Saturday afternoon, a group of LIC Mamas met up in Brooklyn for our monthly mommy and me potluck. We started this tradition in October, and I really look forward to these get-togethers. Small groups of us hang out in between, but there’s just something about having everyone together in a super chill setting that makes things especially fun. Most of the kids have known each other since they were a few weeks old, and it’s amazing to watch them run around and play together now.  There were seven moms (and a few dads) with children under age 2– five rowdy boys and two calm girls.

Last weekend’s potluck was at Florence’s place. Florence and her hubby Paul are amazing hosts, and they made several dishes to go with what each mom brought. There were cheeses, salads, savory tarts, roasted vegetables, baked mac ‘n’ cheese, pork loin, macaroons, and donuts (plus French wines for the parents and organic whole milk for the babes). Florence sent everyone home with small bags of chocolate chip cookies.  What did I tell you? She knows how to throw a party. I’d better starting planning the April potluck, which I’m hosting, now!

Despite being cranky earlier in the day, Mason was psyched to party. And he ate a lot–off his plate, my plate, Chris’ plate, other kids’ plates, some of the moms’ plates. Luckily everyone was fine with sharing their food, and I was thrilled to see him eat so well! Mason ate a few things that really surprised me–not because they’re exotic foods, but because he’s been so darn picky for the last six months:

1. Spinach tart
2. Whole, fresh green beans
3. Roasted asparagus
4. Pork loin
5. Blue cheese
6. Dried cranberries

Did your kid eat anything surprising this weekend?

Photo: Asparagus via Julia Jewel/

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Celeb’s Kid Thinks Broccoli Is Dessert, Why Won’t Ours Even Eat Dinner?

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

I just saw a hilarious status update on Facebook from my friend Karyn. The topic? Feeding her 19-month-old daughter Isabel. “Riding a wild bull without a bra would be easier & less painful than feeding a toddler dinner every night.” Ouch…but I couldn’t agree with Karyn more! These days, dinnertime with Mason makes me want to pull my hair out. And scream at the top of my lungs.

So it was a proverbial paper cut (doused with a spritz of lemon juice) when I went to pick up Mason tonight and his teacher raved about how well he’s been eating at school,”including his broccoli and carrots!” And that his behavior has been perfect. I was shocked. Not only has mealtime been h-ll  for us, Mason’s had temper tantrums every morning this week (plus Monday night). Why is it that things are so smooth at school but not at home? I mean, I love that he makes a good impression at school, but mama loves to see those smiles, too!

I stared at my sweet boy on the way home thinking about what the teacher said, and I randomly remembered a super annoying quote from Gisele Bundchen: “When Benjamin eats broccoli, he thinks it’s dessert!” (Her kid also learned to pee on the potty at 7-months-old, apparently.) I have no idea whether that’s really true–but can you imagine a non-celeb mom ever saying something like that? Sure, I’ve been judged for giving my kid animal crackers instead of broccoli for a snack, but even that mom didn’t call the green stuff dessert.

Is dinnertime with the kids driving you nuts? Does your kid think broccoli is dessert? Dish here!

Illustration: Mom trying to do it all via Roslen Mack/Shutterstock


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When Mommy is Gone, Baby Will Eat Fries

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

I was out of town last weekend, and my in-laws flew in to help Chris out with Mason. We are so lucky to have such a supportive family, but I was still nervous to leave him. I’m a bit of a control freak, particularly when it comes to Mason, so I had written a virtual book about his schedule and various tips about his routine/likes/dislikes. I had been particularly uneasy about Mason’s diet. My hubby is a junk food addict–I found fries in Mason’s snack catcher after Chris took him on a solo trip to the park recently–so I wasn’t feeling very optimistic about what would go on Mason’s dinner plate in my absence.

Sure enough, Mason loaded up on fries and chocolate chip cookies while I was away. He avoided fresh veggies all together, but at least he ate fruit. I tried to swallow my irritation when I heard about all the junk food and then noticed an untouched container of homemade cheese sauce that I had made for his veggies in the fridge. I also tried not to seem overly concerned about Mason’s moments of bratty behavior that seemingly went unpunished. He apparently refused to eat the whole-wheat pasta that he normally loves, wouldn’t sit in his high chair, and screamed until his sippy cup was replaced with a bottle. Oy. God help me if these are new quirks.

I sort of panicked. What if our sippy cup progress had been ruined? I called Mason over and handed him a sippy cup. He happily took it and drank his milk. Hmmmm. I picked him up and put him in his high chair, Mason looked at me and grinned. Hmmmm. I gave him organic banana and apple-cinnamon sticks for a snack–and he munched away. Hmmmm. What was happening? Was he just falling back into our typical routine? Had he been acting out because he missed me? Or was our friend RB right when he told me that all is not lost after a few days off schedule?

RB had just spent five days with his kids, alone, while his wife was out of town for work. He read that I was nervous to leave Mason, and he sent me a note on Facebook to encourage me to let my concerns go. “L did a lot of work to get ready, but then she had to trust it to me,” he wrote. He explained that there were several obstacles while he was on solo daddy duty, including his daughter’s fever and his own three-day stomach bug. He and L had also agreed to “throw the schedule out the window as it was two ‘against’ one”  — so every day was a gamble. But the kids were just fine in the end.

I re-read Ryan’s email after Mason went to bed and realized he was absolutely right. Mason may have eaten too much junk and been off-schedule for most of the weekend, but he was beaming when I walked through the door. He clearly adored having his grandparents and his daddy all to himself, and it was obvious he and his grandparents had formed a special bond. Looking at the big picture of the situation, a few fries and cookies didn’t seem like such a big deal. Maybe next time I’m out of town I’ll ask Chris to agree to fresh fruit at every meal and leave it at that.

Photo: Fries via Shutterstock/Nata-Lia

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“Graham Crackers, Raisins, and Applesauce Only, Mommy!”

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Back in September, Mason went through a cheese phase. I had read that it was normal for one-year-old kids to go through very finicky phases, but it was still super annoying. Now he’s in a new picky place. For the last two weeks, with very few exceptions, he  has refused to eat anything but organic apple-cinnamon graham crackers, applesauce, and raisins for dinner (left). He actually claps when he sees the graham cracker box. He eats a range of healthful foods for breakfast and lunch, but night after night he hands his dinner plate back to me minutes after I serve it to him. Usually his food is untouched, but sometimes he tosses a few pieces of the food on the floor for good measure. The experts would tell me to stop giving him snacks when he refuses a proper dinner, but we only just reached our weight goals and I’d hate to lose all that progress. At least he’s mastered the sippy cup.

I shared our conundrum on the High Chair Times Facebook page last Wednesday, and it seems like several of you have picky babes right now. “My pediatrician warned me that this would happen around 18 months,” said Karyn. “Boy was she right!” Good to know, Karyn. Our 18-month check-up isn’t for a few more weeks. “My 1 year old doesn’t eat much at home, but he eats everything they give him at school,” added Ella. I’m sensing a trend here. Maybe they’re testing us, Ella? Alexsis said that her son will eat specific foods, but “everything must have ranch on it, or BBQ sauce.”  Sigh, they don’t make it easy for us do they, Alexsis? Tracey, a mom who has a two-year-old son and is expecting another baby next month, offered a different perspective. “Wait until he’s 2 1/2 and tells you, ‘No Mommy! I no eat it!’” Good point, Tracey, I should be grateful Mason’s not talking back. Yet:)

Anyone else out there dealing with a sublimely picky toddler right now?


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Throwing Food: Not Cool, Mason. Not. Cool.

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Last night I sat and watched as Mason tossed–no, flung–his steamed broccoli, piece by piece, onto the floor. He grinned while he did it, and he didn’t even pause when I implored him to stop. He simultaneously ate mac ‘n’ cheese and cantaloupe with his other hand, so I knew he was still hungry. (We need to keep his weight up so I let him hang on to his plate; if he weren’t eating I’d take it away.) He just didn’t want the broccoli on his plate, simple as that. When he’s in an especially charitable mood, he places food that he doesn’t want in my hand and folds my fingers over instead of throwing it (a little quirk he started over Christmas, at my in-law’s house), which I find funny and preferable to the alternative. Spending 10 minutes after every meal on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor is not my idea of fun.

Truth is, it makes me crazy when Mason throws his food. It’s like tossing money down the drain, and it makes a mess. Also it irks me to spend time preparing a meal and then watch half of it end up under his high chair, in his toy pen, and in a million other places that I won’t see until we have company over. Last Sunday, for example, I suddenly noticed a little stash of dried peas behind the end table, about 10 minutes after our friends Ali and Doug arrived, and about two minutes after Mason popped one in his mouth. I had to fish the shriveled pea out of his mouth in front of our guests, who now probably think I’m the worst housekeeper in the world. At least Bug didn’t bite me. I try not to freak out when he throws food, and I definitely never laugh when he does it–I don’t want to encourage him and I suspect he already thinks it’s a game–but it’s so frustrating.

On Saturday I shared a food-throwing incident on the  High Chair Times Facebook page, and several of you said you could relate. “Oh my goodness, that drives me INSANE!!!” Kate said.  “More food goes on the floor than it does in [my daughter's]  mouth,” Saranda added. Yep, that happens in our household, too, Saranda. Lindsay got it exactly right when she said, “I would swear my son thinks that food throwing is the next Olympic sport!” So does mine, Lindsay, I feel you. Jennifer, on the other hand, said she’s rolling with it: “At least [my] dog is enjoying it.” Looks like Mason’s going to get a dog sooner than we had planned! Thanks, Jennifer:)

Any tips for putting an end to food throwing? Want to vent about your own food throwing frustrations? Dish here!

Photo: Shutterstock, Picsfive

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