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Minty Peas

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Best for Babies 6+ Months Old

I admit it — I just couldn’t wait. I cooked for my babe tonight. I had originally planned to wait until Thursday since I just arrived back in town from a business trip, but it was impossible to lounge around after I saw a recipe on that I wanted to try: Minty Peas.

Besides,  Bethenny Ever After reruns could wait.

At this point, you might be weirded out. I mean, what kind of person can’t wait to make pea puree? I never thought I’d be her but if you think about it peas are sort of exciting. They’re a superfood. They’re wholesome. They’re loaded with fiber. Mint, on the other hand, is excellent for digestion. In my mind, it’s a blissful match. Combining the two to make a yummy side dish is so easy…and it could actually work. After all, Mason is  a great eater but green veggies aren’t an easy sell.

I whipped up a batch, tasted a spoonful, and it was delish! I can’t wait to see what Mason thinks tomorrow during lunch. If he’s not a fan, perhaps I’ll just have to eat the batch myself.

The recipe, from


1 16-ounce package  frozen peas
1 teaspoon  chopped fresh mint
Water (optional)


1. Fill a large bowl with ice water and set aside.

2. Place frozen peas in a steamer basket set over gently boiling water. Steam peas until tender, about 6 minutes. Reserve about 1/2 cup of steaming water.

3. Remove cooked peas from steamer and plunge into ice water for 30 seconds to stop the cooking. Drain peas from ice water and place in a food processor or blender. Add mint and process until completely smooth. You may add in some of the reserved steaming water to adjust consistency, if desired.

4. Distribute mixture evenly among your favorite food storage container. This mixture will keep up to 48 hours in the refrigerator or up to 3 months in your freezer.

How do you make veggies an easier sell for your baby?

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Apple-Banana Oatmeal

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Mason is dismayed — his oatmeal is all gone!

Best for Babies 6+ months old

Breakfast is so fun.  Unlike lunch and dinner — where the veggies might not be sweet enough (say, mommy tries to coax Mason to eat green beans instead of sweet potatoes) — breakfast is a sure thing. You see, Mason knows he’s going to get oatmeal. And he loves his oatmeal. Loves it. He’ll eat it plain. He’ll eat it warm or cold. He’ll eat it with apples. He’ll eat it with banana. But his fave way to eat it is with a warm mixture of apple and banana. By itself, the organic banana is sweet and delicious. The apple, a Gala variety, is juicy and crisp. Combined the fruit makes a serendipitous match and mixed with the oatmeal it’s pure bliss, at least from Mason’s point of view. 

Apple-Banana Oatmeal


1 Gala apple
1 organic banana
1/3 cup baby oatmeal


1. Peel and slice apple into small chunks. Steam until soft (about 15 minutes). Reserve steaming liquid. Rinse apples in cold water.
2. Puree apple with sliced banana. Add liquid to get desired consistency (think applesauce).
3. Prepare oatmeal. Stir in two ounces of the fruit mixture. Freeze the leftovers.

Appropriate for 6  months and up

What does your babe like to eat for breakfast?

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Chicken ‘n’ Sweet Potatoes

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Chicken and Sweet Potato Puree

Best for Babies 6+ Months Old

At Mason’s six-month check-up on Tuesday, our pediatrician said to start experimenting with new textures and flavors. I was thrilled. No more boring one-veggie/fruit purees — this would be the beginning of savory veggie-meat blends, sweet fruity mixes, and so much more!

That night after work, I whipped up a batch of sweet potatoes combined with chicken. I decided to give Mason his first taste of the stuff for lunch today — hoping it would be better than our recent avocado-banana fiasco.

As it turned out, I was in luck. Mason loved this classic combo.

On the advice of my mommy friend Karyn, I poached the organic chicken to retain moisture then pureed it. Poached chicken that’s been pureed looks, well, disgusting. And it’s bland, which is why I mixed it with one of Mason’s faves, sweet potatoes, keeping the texture pretty smooth (like you would see from Level 2 commercial baby food), and it actually looked yummy. I tasted it — I’ve vowed never to make Mason eat something that I wouldn’t — and it was surprisingly tasty. Good enough that if I ever found myself home alone with no desire to eat takeout and nothing in the fridge, I would microwave some for dinner. Seriously.

I buckled Mason into his Joovy high chair (I mention the brand because we love it — the whole thing can go in the dishwasher!!), fastened his plastic bib (the Best Invention Ever for babies eating solids), and fed Mason his first bite. The portrait of him smiling above is what I got. My heart melted. He made my day, and maybe I even made his with this deliciousness.

Organic chicken
Organic sweet potato


1. Trim fat from 1 package organic chicken breast.*
2. Poach chicken for about 30 minutes.
3. Rinse chicken in cool water, slice, and puree.
4. Peel, dice, and cook three sweet potatoes under tender.* Rinse with cold water.
5. Puree sweet potatoes with chicken. Blend until smooth.
6. Divide into 2-ounce portions. Cool. Refrigerate two portions, freeze the rest.

Appropriate for 6 months and up

*I’m a working mama, so I always make extras and freeze.

C’mon mamas and daddies, what’s your latest baby food victory?

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Avocado-Banana Mashup

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Avocado aftermath

Best for Babies 6+ Months Old

Mason digs banana. Really digs banana. He thinks avocado is pretty cool too. So it only made sense to combine the two, right? Avocado = Omega 3s (brain food!), and that’s just for starters. Banana = potassium and a long list of other nutrients and vitamins. Super good stuff. Plus I knew of other babies who liked the blend.

I set up the baby food maker and chopped up the fruits. I mashed it all up, blended it together, and filled up my special little baby food containers. Most of it went into the freezer but one precious cube made its way into our fridge, ready for lunch the following day. I envisioned Mason gobbling it up, getting smarter, stronger, happier, healthier by the ounce. The thought made me giddy.

On my way out the door this morning, I instructed Chris (my hubby) to text me after lunch with all the deets of Mason’s first taste of his new superfood. “Take a photo! He’s gonna love it,” I said. Around lunchtime, Chris texted me to ask where Mason’s green veggie was for lunch. Exasperated, I explained where the stuff was. Again. Chris’ response? “Oh. Weird.” And then silence. I called. No answer. Then Outlook dinged to remind me that my afternoon meeting rush was starting. So I went on with my day.

I got home from work looking forward to tales of a happy baby with a full belly. Instead, I learned Mason had been peckish. “What about the avocado-banana mash,” I badgered. “Um, he liked it…there’s a little more in the fridge though,” Chris said. I flung open the fridge to find a half-full container. Whatever, I thought. Chris just wasn’t doing it right. I snatched up the container and coaxed my smiling, gurgling baby to take a bite. He shuddered slightly and gave me a look that said, “Huh?” That’s OK, I thought. It’s all new. Let’s take another bite. This time Mason gagged. Then he started screaming.

Damn. This is not what I had pictured. At all.

In retrospect, I don’t blame the kid. After all, my own impatience was to blame. I got home from work Wednesday night determined to go on a baby food-making bender. And I did, making chicken, sweet potatoes, my now infamous puree. So what if the avocado wasn’t quite ripe? It would be fine, I assured myself. But in fact, the blend had turned out grainy. Think brown mustard. Had I used an avocado as ripe as my very overripe banana, it would have blended up light and fluffy. So next time I’ll do it right.

What about all you mamas out there? Any of your mash ups get a little mixed up lately?

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