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Do You Let Your Tots Have Easter Candy?

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Mason is going on his first Easter Egg hunt on Sunday. I’m so excited. He has his own special Easter basket with “Mason” embroidered on it. One of my grandmother’s friends made it for him last year, and he’s finally old enough to carry it around and fill it with eggs.

The event will take place on the waterfront in our neighborhood, and it’s organized by age, so Mason won’t be competing with older, faster kids and crawlers won’t be competing with him and his friends. Local moms came up with the idea, and I think it’s super smart.

Chris and I were chatting about our weekend plans yesterday over email, and we got into an Easter candy debate:

Chris: This is going to be a fun weekend. I need to go buy some candy.

Me: Why candy???

Chris: Um…it’s, like, Easter, you know? Chocolate and bunnies and Zombie Jesus. Cadbury creme eggs, 100 Grand, all the good stuff.

Me: He’s 19-months-old, he doesn’t need all that candy. 100 Grands are a choking hazard, I’m pretty sure, and what are Zombie Jesus?!

Chris: No response

Obviously the eggs that Mason collects on his hunt will be filled with candy–but I was only planning on letting him have one piece. He’s young enough that we can hide the rest while he’s playing and he’ll forget all about it. But maybe Chris is right and I should let him indulge a little more? What do you think?  Do you let your tots have Easter candy?

Photo: Easter eggs via Piotr Rzeszutek/Shutterstock

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