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The Trials of Green Veggies

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Best for Babies 6+ Months Old

Green.  It’s lush and beautiful, the color of spring. It symbolizes life, rebirth. Green is also the   color of Mason’s favorite tummy time toy, his favorite playmate (Scout), and his favorite “monster” (dinosaurs). You see, Mason loves green — except when I put it on his plate.

True, his first encounter with green food, avocado, was fun.  The superfruit made him giggle. It was squishy and fun to play with, daddy smeared it on Mason’s fingers and let Mason lick it off. But since that glorious first taste of avocado, Mason’s journey with green food has been rough.

After avocado we tried green beans. I went with organic-frozen since fresh can blend up grainy, and I was so excited to give Mason that first spoonful of goodness, delightfully rich in vitamin A and fiber. It was the perfect first veggie, or so I thought. Mason took a bite and looked bewildered. I gave him a second taste and he looked like he might throw up. I tried once more and he screamed. And screamed. And screamed. The next day I mixed the beans with sweet potato, one of his favorites. He ate a few bites but soon figured out my ruse. And that was that for the beans.

Not about to give up on green, I revisited avocado but mixed it with banana, a total debacle. Strike two.

We moved on to peas. Mason liked them OK enough, especially if I mixed them with squash or sweet potato, heavy on the yellow stuff. But I wanted him to eat spoonful after spoonful of the stuff straight — no yellow veggie foil required. I searched for inspiration and found a recipe for Minty Peas.  The blend was bright and fresh, ever so slightly sweeter than peas alone. Score! Mason finally ate his peas (almost) straight without a grimace, gag, or scream.

I’d like to make Mason’s next new food a green veggie. I’m determined for him to love his green veggies as much as we do. I’ve thought about mixing green beans with Greek yogurt and mint to sweeten the deal a bit. Or perhaps I’ll experiment with some asparagus (gross pee smell be damned). But perhaps you have an even better idea, and I’d love it hear it. How do you get your babe to eat (and enjoy) his/her green veggies?

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Avocado-Banana Mashup

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Avocado aftermath

Best for Babies 6+ Months Old

Mason digs banana. Really digs banana. He thinks avocado is pretty cool too. So it only made sense to combine the two, right? Avocado = Omega 3s (brain food!), and that’s just for starters. Banana = potassium and a long list of other nutrients and vitamins. Super good stuff. Plus I knew of other babies who liked the blend.

I set up the baby food maker and chopped up the fruits. I mashed it all up, blended it together, and filled up my special little baby food containers. Most of it went into the freezer but one precious cube made its way into our fridge, ready for lunch the following day. I envisioned Mason gobbling it up, getting smarter, stronger, happier, healthier by the ounce. The thought made me giddy.

On my way out the door this morning, I instructed Chris (my hubby) to text me after lunch with all the deets of Mason’s first taste of his new superfood. “Take a photo! He’s gonna love it,” I said. Around lunchtime, Chris texted me to ask where Mason’s green veggie was for lunch. Exasperated, I explained where the stuff was. Again. Chris’ response? “Oh. Weird.” And then silence. I called. No answer. Then Outlook dinged to remind me that my afternoon meeting rush was starting. So I went on with my day.

I got home from work looking forward to tales of a happy baby with a full belly. Instead, I learned Mason had been peckish. “What about the avocado-banana mash,” I badgered. “Um, he liked it…there’s a little more in the fridge though,” Chris said. I flung open the fridge to find a half-full container. Whatever, I thought. Chris just wasn’t doing it right. I snatched up the container and coaxed my smiling, gurgling baby to take a bite. He shuddered slightly and gave me a look that said, “Huh?” That’s OK, I thought. It’s all new. Let’s take another bite. This time Mason gagged. Then he started screaming.

Damn. This is not what I had pictured. At all.

In retrospect, I don’t blame the kid. After all, my own impatience was to blame. I got home from work Wednesday night determined to go on a baby food-making bender. And I did, making chicken, sweet potatoes, my now infamous puree. So what if the avocado wasn’t quite ripe? It would be fine, I assured myself. But in fact, the blend had turned out grainy. Think brown mustard. Had I used an avocado as ripe as my very overripe banana, it would have blended up light and fluffy. So next time I’ll do it right.

What about all you mamas out there? Any of your mash ups get a little mixed up lately?

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