Elmo: The Ultimate Bottlenator

It’s no secret that I dropped the ball with getting Mason off the bottle at a decent age. By his second birthday, he was still drinking morning and evening babas, without any signs of stopping. I told friends that Mason would still be drinking a bottle in kindergarten, and I was only half-kidding.

I had counted on him just losing interest and stopping on his own. The thought of separating him from one of his great loves was almost more than I could bear. But of course that didn’t happen. As the months passed by, he remained hooked.

Then he moved up a level in school, where he’s drinking from a regular cup and potty training, and the bottle thing just seemed ridiculous. Especially when I kept hearing from his teacher how well he was doing with his big boy cup.

We took away the nighttime bottle a few weeks ago and endured a week of temper tantrums until he finally realized we weren’t going to cave in. It was awful and stressful but he finally stopped throwing a fit every time we handed him his sippy cup. I’m sure he was thinking There’s always my morning baba.

But last Saturday we took that away, too. He was so excited/distracted to have both my friend Jeanne and his Uncle Adam around for the day that he barely noticed. Then Sunday rolled around, and it was just the three of us, and Mason realized he baba was gone for good. All h-ll broke loose.

We had four nightmare mornings in a row–until this morning. It was lovely and peaceful and fun. Enter Elmo (aka toddler crack).

Mason has a crush on Elmo bordering on obsession, so I decided to soften the bottle blow by giving him an Elmo sippy cup in its place. I ordered a few and they arrived last night. When Mason demanded a bottle this morning, Chris handed him one of his new cups and said, Look, buddy, Elmo! The child actually did a happy dance.

He’s still a little stinker when it comes to getting out the door in the morning, but I’ll take a little procrastination over a full-on bottle meltdown any day.

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