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To Reveal the Name, or Not to Reveal the Name, That is the Question

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

While there’s been no movement in our baby name stalemate, one thing the husband and I can agree on is we won’t be naming our daughter Hashtag, like one couple recently did. After this horrific (for lack of a better word) name hit the news, even more tales of name debacles surfaced. I think there are plenty of tall tales when it comes to baby names. I’m skeptical when I hear a friend of a friend’s, brother’s sister’s aunt knows a couple who named their baby “YOLO” because of the lack of a primary source. It feels a little like the rendition of walking to school uphill, both ways, naked in the snow, that all grandparents tell. Even here in Arizona.

But a labor and delivery nurse, a valid primary source I’d say, shared accounts of babies named Sparkle, Lehmetaya (pronounced let me tell ya), Main Attraction, the sibling set Your Highness and Her Majesty, and Captain America. The mind boggles. Are these urban legends or is little Facebook (real name) cheerfully calling out “here” alongside her classmates?

I don’t think there should be laws against what individuals can or cannot name their children but hopefully, hopefully, they’ll legally change their name when they’re old enough. More importantly, it does make me wonder, did the couple reveal their name before the baby was born? Were their friends and family on board? Was Hashtag hand-stitched by granny’s arthritic hands onto a keepsake baby quilt?

With our first, we didn’t tell anyone the name before she was born or even what names we were thinking about. I wanted to see her sweet little face first to ensure the name fit, but the main reason? When it comes to names, I can dish it out, but I can’t take it. Everyone has an opinion and I didn’t want to play defense. Naming a child is a big deal in my book and I didn’t want to always remember that Auntie Sally Sue said our daughter’s name reminded her of a lady of the night. It’s hard to forget those things.

I figured the easiest way to avoid unsolicited opinions was just to keep it private. For the most part, it worked. I know everyone wasn’t over the moon about our daughter’s name, Harper, but I didn’t hear too much about it because she was here, named, and oh so snuggleable before the name could totally repel them.

On the downside, family, even strangers were offended at times that we wouldn’t say the name. I was also paranoid people would “steal” her name before she was born. I sidled up to the only other pregnant lady at church due before me, introduced myself, skipped the small talk, and then pumped her for information about her baby name. It wasn’t my finest hour.

We don’t have a name so there’s nothing to share yet, but we still haven’t decided if we will share it prior to her grand entrance.

What say ye? Did you shout their name from the rooftops as soon as you found out you were pregnant? Did telling others the name bring on the opinions? Do you think it’s better to wait?

Do you think these crazy unique name givers could save angelic little “iPhone” or “Pinterest” from a life of embarrassment if someone were to talk them out of the name beforehand?

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