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The Potty Training Advice You’re Not Going to Want to Hear

Monday, October 15th, 2012

I stand here with a sheepish head hang to tell you, I have no idea how I potty trained our daughter. One day it was all angst and drama from me and the next day, she just did it. She’s potty trained. On her own.

I suppose on her own isn’t entirely true, I was a hot nagging mess of  “do you have to go pee pees” for a week prior, but the day after I quit my broken record routine, she just told me she had to go and went. The fact that she was strapped into a diaper didn’t faze her. It was toilet or bust. No big D. No looking back.

I wish I could give you my sage potty training advice and a no-stress, foolproof, 32-step program to ensure success, but I’ve got no gimmicks, just a daughter who decided when she was ready. She should have Destiny’s Child’s “Independent Women” be her theme song and play every time she enters a room. It’d be spot-on for her personality, a really great conversation piece, and a perpetual dance party.

I promised a full report of our potty training triumphs and I know you were on the edge of your toilet seat waiting for the details, but that’s the report in its entirety. She started telling me she needed to go to the bathroom, she went. Poo followed suit about a week later. I did nothing but honor her request to go to the bathroom. We’ve had minimal accidents, success in public, and we’re weaning from the bribes. Basically, I’m just over here high-fiving a million angels because it’s so big time.

I’ll admit, I feel like a bit of hypocrite training my toddler to use the toilet when bladder control is not my strength this pregnancy. Perhaps part of our early struggles with potty training were due to the confusion that “mom regularly pees her pants, why can’t I?” I don’t fault her. I only have my pelvic floor to blame.

Either way, potty training was one major milestone on our pre-baby to-do list and I feel relieved to give it a glorious check mark even if I’m still perplexed as to how it actually happened.

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