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In Three Months

Monday, November 5th, 2012

26 weeks/5 months

Maybe it was my mom asking what day I preferred her to fly out and help when the baby arrives.

Maybe it was the glimpse of the 5 economy sized boxes of baby wipes stashed and waiting in our closet.

Maybe it was the repeated thought that days have reached such a routine, such an ease with my daughter.

Maybe it was the fact that I just realized I’m a week shy of being 6 months pregnant and the THIRD trimester is knocking at my door.

Maybe it was the passing of the gateway holiday Halloween, and the recognition that these next few busy holiday months are going to speed by.

Maybe it was reading about the evacuated babies in the neonatal intensive care unit during hurricane Sandy and my heart aching for their families.

Maybe it was watching my little one trick-or-treating, so grown up, so not that little, so childlike and excited, and realizing how marvelous a process it is to watch your child grow from a sweet, helpless infant to an independent and captivating child right before your very eyes.

Maybe it was all of it.

But it really hit me this week. We’re having a baby. In 3 short months.

Maybe it should have hit me sooner, but this week I felt the giant tug at my heart strings to savor these last few moments as a family of three because soon, very happily soon, it will all change. We will discover our new normal, our new life, and my tears well up with gratitude for my little, growing family.

Maybe I didn’t let it hit me sooner because I cry uncontrollable tears of joy every time I let myself imagine the sweet little cherub joining our family, falling asleep in my arms, meeting her big sister, and snuggling her daddy.

I am completely besotted with my babies. The toddler-aged one I laugh with everyday and the one growing in my belly. Growing, raising, and keeping babies with my husband is my favorite. It is truly miraculous in every sense of the word.

I can patiently wait for the next three months because I have plenty to keep me busy, but especially because I know her arrival will be added to my precious list of “very best days.”

Until then, sweet baby girl.

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Say What?!

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

23 weeks/5 months

There is something about the pregnant belly that causes people to lose their filter. As a pretty filter-less person myself, I still manage to pick my cartoon jaw up off the floor every now and again at people’s rudeness commentary.

Most queries are harmless: When are you due? What are you having? What are you naming her?

Other comments, they hurt a pregnant lady right down to her heartburn induced core. As my burgeoning belly is a little slower to show, (all’s fair in love and pregnancy and it will be nice and massive by the end), I, along with a little help from my pregnant friends, recorded a few inappropriate, yet true “observations” many women endure during pregnancy.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, I submit as evidence an airtight case of things never to say to a pregnant lady:

  • “You have HOW many weeks left??”
  • “You just look miserable.”
  • “Wow, you could fit two basketballs in there!”
  • “Was that an accident?” (mother of 5)
  • “I hope you’re done now.” (mother of 5)
  • “Are you allowed to drive? Can you even fit behind the steering wheel?”
  • “I don’t know much about having babies, but you are BIG.”
  • “Are you sure there’s only one in there? You look like you must be having twins.”
  • “I thought you couldn’t possibly get any bigger, but you sure did.”
  • With 8 weeks left to go, “WOW, someone’s ready to POP!” or “Any day now.”
  • “You must be having a boy because your nose is so wide…. how much wider would you say it’s gotten?”
  • “Oh you’re pregnant? I just thought you were getting fat.”

People, there are a finite number of appropriate things to say to a pregnant lady. Ever. Commenting on belly size is rarely a good idea. Especially if you’re going to be using the descriptors: uncomfortable, big, huge, massive, enormous, whale, or “large and in charge.”

Whether the pregnant lady you’re “wishing well” is leo-the-late-bloomer and looks like she’s rocking a serious beer belly for the first six months, or she looks six months pregnant the day after conception, it’s not really polite or helpful to point out the obvious regarding a sensitive topic.

Instead of making a lady feel pregnant-er than she already does, please remember any sort of comments made to her should inspire confidence and honor at what the human body can do. Okay, and flattery. Ain’t nothing wrong with stroking a pregnant lady’s ego. I highly recommend the following forms of pregnant flattery, especially if you see me in the next 17 weeks.

  • You look beautiful/stunning/gorgeous (heck, I’d even take your unbelievable use of the word “hot”)
  • You are so tiny (or any synonym for tiny)
  • You’re all belly
  • I can’t believe you’re that far along. I would have never guessed.
  • Bless you my good woman

Or a cat call would suffice.

Image: Baby bump via Blaj Gabriel/Shutterstock

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