About Bekka Besich

Just when she felt like maybe she knew a thing or two about parenting, she and her husband decided to throw another baby into the mix. Pregnant with their second child, Bekka is an endearingly imperfect mother who dutifully reads parenting books, albeit with a grain of salt and a sense of terror. She’s also an avid jogger, amateur baker, celebrity gossip enthusiast, literature devourer, and self-deprecating writer. Bekka has been chronicling the daily shenanigans of her family on her personal blog randekka.blogspot.com for nearly five years and firmly believes in not taking life too seriously.

On Great Expectations she aims to capture the magic, hilarity, and uncertainty of pregnancy. In other words, the good, the bad, and the hemorrhoids. When Bekka’s not blogging, she’s chasing her toddler around full-time after recently leaving her post as an adjunct English professor at a local college. Previously, she taught high school students from inner city areas for three years. She lives with her precociously sweet daughter and supremely patient husband in Arizona.