Back in the (Pregnancy) Saddle Again

I am a little over 19 weeks pregnant.

But let’s just say 20 weeks since it’s a nice even number and it’s my pregnancy and I’ll round up if I want to. I believe that translates to 4, nearly 5 months pregnant for those who don’t speak weeks (read: me). Let’s be honest, all the weeks, months, trimesters, etc., are just a tad bit confusing. I remember learning pregnancy, depending on how you count it, is considered 10 months by some. My response? Slow your roll please.  Don’t rock my newly mushy pregnant brain. I can’t handle the truth.

What I do need to know, and can handle remembering is the fact that our second baby is due February 12th, just in time to be our valentine. We are over the moon about expanding our family.

I’m very happily 27 and pregnant…again. I’m discovering a second pregnancy is a little like déjà vu. The rosier aspects of pregnancy feel dreamy and familiar, but hard to place exactly on a timeline next to my first pregnancy. When did the baby move again? When did my belly pop? When were skinny jeans no longer looking so skinny? But then there are the symptoms of irrefutable force that were never forgotten. Oh yes, I remember you toilet, my foe. Hemorrhoids? We’ve never parted. Gas? Let’s just say if there was a way to harness all the “natural gas” I’m expelling, there’d be no talk of alternative fuel sources.

Hailing from Arizona, I’m delighted to spend the majority of my pregnancy in the cooler redemptive season, as opposed to the infernal and eternal summer season in which I want to give the weatherman the bird every day.  I also recently quit my part-time teaching gig to spend the days wrangling, singing, dancing, and talking Disney princess at length with our 2-year-old daughter. I do not take myself too seriously, but I do take remembering the ups and downs of pregnancy and motherhood seriously. I’m looking forward to chronicling all of the shenanigans of this pregnancy and my growing lovely lady bump.

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  1. by Allison Ottley

    On September 21, 2012 at 10:33 pm

    So excited for this blog! Best thing to ever happen to Parents Magazine. Hands down.

  2. by Jessica

    On September 27, 2012 at 2:24 pm

    So excited for this too! I am also 27, have a 2 year old, and am pregnant for the second time. I am surrounded by first time moms this year, and although their excitement is great, I just feel a bit out of the loop I guess since I’m a second timer. Can’t wait to read more!