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Watch Sesame Street’s Spoof of the Hunger Game’s “Catching Fire”

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

To celebrate today’s movie release of “Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” I’m sharing a new video made by the clever folks at Sesame Street, a spoof called “Catching Fur.” (They also have a clever spoof of “Downton Abbey”!)

As a big fan of Suzanne Collins’s book series, I love how Sesame Street transformed Cookie Monster into Cookieness Evereat, whose goal is to survive the jungle by eating his way through the “Hungry Games.” His companions include parodies of Peeta (now an animated piece of pita), Finnick (wielding a fork instead of a trident), and Wiress (who keeps staying tick tock while holding an alarm clock). For more on the names of popular characters, check out Lisa Milbrand’s “In Name Only” blog post on why names from the Hunger Games haven’t taken off.

Even though your kids might be too young to understand the inspiration behind the latest video, they can still help Cookieness as he faces challenges related to food. Kids will learn basic pattern and shape recognition by guessing which food type comes next in an apple-banana sequence and which food shape comes next after a circle-square sequence. Parents can just laugh along at the funny antics and jokes.


Plus: Sesame Street characters Elmo and Murray recently visited our offices! Below, watch a video where they give tips on tackling picky eating. And watch Elmo and Murray give more advice on bedtime routines and getting along with siblings!

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Hilary Duff Writes New YA Novel

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Lizzie McGuire–oops, we mean Hilary Duff–is the latest former Disney actress to release a book. Published by Simon & Schuster, “Elixir” is the first in a series of YA novels that combines elements of romance, mystery, and adventure. 

Clea Raymond is the heroine of the story, a young female photojournalist whose father suddenly disappears.  Soon after, images of a man she has never met or seen before begin appearing in photos she has already taken.  To find her father and the mysterious man, she goes on a globetrotting journey to discover a long-kept secret.

In an interview with Associated Press, Duff revealed, “I love reading young adult books even though I’m a little older than the set demographic for YA.  I love adventure. I relate to girl characters, love, finding yourself and breaking out of the mold that people put you in.”

The actress/singer (and now author) wrote the novel while she was planning her August 2010 wedding.  Now that she’s married, Duff will be focusing on the sequel to “Elixir.” Read an excerpt from “Elixir” here.

Watch Hilary Duff talk about “Elixir” in the video below:

Will you be picking up Hilary Duff’s novel and sharing it with your kids and teens?

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