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Parents Daily News Roundup

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Transgender Kids: Painful Quest to Be Who They Are
When children insist that their gender doesn’t match their body, it can trigger a confusing, painful odyssey for the family. And most of the time, these families face isolating experiences trying to decide what is best for their kids, especially because transgender issues are viewed as mysterious, and loaded with stigma and judgment.

Childhood Malnutrition has Long Lasting Effects
According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 17 million children live in households struggling to put enough food on the table.

New Member of the Family? You May Need a New Vaccine
In the past, experts have told parents who travel internationally to adopt children to get vaccinated against the hepatitis A virus. Now the American Academy of Pediatrics is supporting a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendation that other people who may have close contact with the children in the months after they arrive in the United States also get vaccinated.

January Jones Leaves Baby’s Dad Off Birth Certificate
January has been keeping extremely mum on the subject of her baby daddy both before and after Sept. 13, when her bundle of joy came into the world.

Parents Seek Holiday Toys with Long-Term Appeal
Toy companies trying to win over choosy U.S. shoppers are under more pressure than ever to offer parents something their children will play with after Christmas, according to two industry veterans.

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