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Stock Up On Sunscreen

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

There are so many great kinds out there now—sprays, sticks, non-greasy lotions—there’s bound to be one that your kids won’t balk about. It’s a good thing: Kids get burned surprisingly quickly (on cloudy days too) but even a tan causes damage that can lead to skin cancer. Test your sun-safety knowledge by taking the American Academy of Dermatology’s “Rays Your Grade” quiz. Kids (and parents) actually need sunscreen all year long (I got scorched sitting on the sidelines at my daughter’s field hockey game in April)—but it’s hard to find a wide selection of brands and SPFs after Labor Day, once the “seasonal” shelves have been filled with back-to-school items. So stock up on your family’s favorites now.

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Bug Zappers

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Has anyone else almost forgotten that it’s nearly July 4? This whole Wednesday holiday thing is really throwing me off this year. Even if it’s last-minute, it’s downright un-American (jk) not to spend some time outdoors in the next few days. (Note to self: plan BBQ.) I’m a mosquito magnet so I love Thrifty Mommy’s list of cheap ways to fend off the little suckers. My fave: Wear light colored clothing. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark clothes. Who knew?

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Plug of the Week: Clinique Clarifying Makeup

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

Clq_64mt_250Not so long ago, I raved about my beloved MAC foundation, and I haven’t fallen out of love with it. But there is one drawback: It’s not quite mattifying enough for summer, when my pubescent-like complexion gets shinier than seems biologically possible. So I’ve run back to an old favorite—Clinique’s Clarifying Makeup. Despite the fact that the humidity is at about 110% in New York City today, my face actually looks quite matte thanks to this oil-control foundation. Trust me, I’ve tried a lot of oil-fighting makeup in the past couple of decades, and this is still the one to beat. And I don’t even have to re-apply it—I just whip out one of my other summertime essentials, Clean & Clear’s oil absorbing sheets—for occasional blotting.

I do have a favor to ask of my excessively-dewy brothers and sisters out there: Have you found a great mattifying lotion? It’s my one skincare quest that remains incomplete. Help a gal out in the comments if you can!

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Hatch A Plant?

Friday, May 4th, 2007


Every Spring I inevitably start thinking about flowers and how wonderful it would be to plant a beautiful garden of my own that I could enjoy through the summer months. The problem is that I never end up getting my act together in time. But this year will be different (fingers crossed) because of Egglings – super mod, egg-shaped container plants that “hatch” into herbs or flowers when you crack the top open and water – which I plan to not only scatter throughout my home, but to give to all the moms in my life so they can do the same! And for those of you who want to get your kids excited about plants or just want to add a little character to your windowsills, check out the too-cute-to-pass-up Taterpot and Nyokki styles. Happy watering!

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Friday Link-a-Lot

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Do you love kettle corn like I love kettle corn? For some reason I never thought you could make it at home until I saw this recipe (thank you craftzine!)

2. Maybe because it’s so rainy today, I’ve been thinking about showers. Well lo and behold I found out that Liz, the genius behind two of my most favorite blogs cool mom picks and mom 101 is being thrown an online baby shower. She’s one of a bunch of blogging moms who are about to have a baby. Yay! You can play games and win prizes and wish them all good luck. Wouldn’t this be a cool thing to do if you had a pregnant friend who lived far away? For another clever shower idea check out how to throw a "safe baby" shower at Apartment Therapy: Nursery.

3. Are you wondering how to cut back on your driving, you know to save money on gas and save the environment? I read this great tip that would really be helpful if you’re the  setting-the-clock-five-minutes-ahead-so-you-won’t-be-late kind of person (like um, me).

4. And in closing, I would like to say "Hat’s Off!" to AJ at Thingamababy, because he’s come up with a festive and fun way to get his kid to eat her veggies. Maybe ours will too. Have a great weekend!

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Happy Earth Day!

Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

And what an Earth Day it is! It’s beautiful here in the Big Apple: A nice 75 degrees, sunny, mild, and not a cloud in the sky. And I’m inside, typing on my computer. Go figure.

Anyhoo, while soaking up the lovely spring weather this morning, I started thinking about this little planet of ours: Who is Mother Earth, exactly? We walk around and build our houses and go to work and enjoy the perks (the scenery, life on top of the food chain, gravity–you know, stuff like that). But how much do we really know about her? In the rush of life, we sometimes forget that the planet is a living organism, with its own set of needs, dislikes, and sense of humor (ever notice how it always rains on your vacation?). I guess that’s why I like the BBC’s Planet Earth series, which is airing on The Discovery Channel. The documentary takes you to remote locations, gets you up close and personal to rare animals, and just gives you a full introduction to good ol’ Mommy E. The complete DVD collection hits stores this Tuesday, and it’s a great way to learn about and celebrate all the amazing things on this planet. Or, you could just turn off your computer and go outside. Race you to the park….

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Rain & Shine

Thursday, April 12th, 2007

B000hgl78g16_sclzzzzzzz_ss384_v2413I’m not sure what the weather was like in your neighborhood today, but here at Parents Central, conditions were monsoon-esque. It was one of those rainstorms where it almost didn’t matter if you had an umbrella—you were going to look like your kids attacked you with the world’s biggest Super Soaker anyway. But when I nearly took a header in our lobby in my wet shoes, I did realize that rainboots would be helpful. So many people in our office had cute ones, and I kid you not, they all got them at Target. These cherry-printed babies to the left are going to be mine… and for just $19.99.

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I’d Rather Be At the Beach

Friday, March 16th, 2007

If you’re reading this from the East Coast it’s very likely you are sharing my grief concerning this weather. Two days ago I was happily strolling around in almost 70 degree weather, with visions of flip flops, tank tops and beaches dancing around in my head (all right, I may be jumping the gun a tad with the beach fantasy…) And today it is SNOWING?!?!  But I’m not going to let a little snowstorm bring me and my warm, tropical thoughts down. My solution? If you can’t enjoy summery weather then at least you can shop for summery clothing. I predict that at least a portion of this weekend will be spent drowning my winter blues with some swimsuit purchases. If you’re in need of some summer shopping therapy then check out Seafolly Girl for adorable children’s swim wear. I love the polka dot "Milkshake" bikini. Where will you be headed for your I-wish-it-was-summer purchases?

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