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American Baby’s Baby Booty: Win a Personalized Radio Flyer Wagon!

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

The awesome old-school version

There’s no toy that says “summer” to me like a Radio Flyer wagon. Did you know that the red wagon has been around for 95 years now? I picture these in every Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Fourth of July parade. And every beach town across America!

Personally, we use one at Neenup’s house (that’s my mom!). She’s near the beach but my kids just pull it around her yard during their endless imagination games. I love that we’ve got a customized one that says Grace and Joe on it!

The Grace and Joe mobile! They're hunting for ladybugs.

Want to customize your own red wagon? You can do it at You pick whether you want the metal-and-wood, old-school wagon (we’ve got one of those here in our office, it makes sneak appearances in photo shoots), or the plastic one I have for my kids (because we kind of abuse outdoor toys). Then you pick whether you want two little canopies, shade umbrellas, or one big canopy; you choose fabric patterns; you customize your wheels; and of course, you add a kid’s name, or a few! (You get up to 20 characters.)

To celebrate their near-centennial, the Radio Flyer folks are going to give away one personalized wagon for free. The worth of the wagon depends on what you add to it; it will be worth at minimum $105 and at most about $250. (Mine, which includes a storage compartment, would cost $209.) Just leave a comment here, up to once a day. Tell me what you’re most looking forward to doing with your kid this summer! (I’m looking forward to jumping in a pool with mine, we have a long wait here on the East coast for the pools to finally open up.)

This giveaway starts now and goes through Wednesday, May 23rd. For the official rules, please click here. As always, goody luck!

That's a tricked-out wagon!

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