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Daily News Roundup

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Goody Blog Daily News RoundupUnderground Figures and Overachievers
February’s designation as Black History Month remains controversial (Why confined to a single month? Why the shortest month?), but the release of books highlighting African American history and themes is now a predictable part of the publishing and school curriculum calendars. And while they differ wildly in tone, consider two books: “Giant Steps to Change the World,” confident and inspirational; “Underground,” mournful and stark. Both seek to convey a sense of much trammeled, Obama-style hope. (New York Times)

For Schools, Free Art Supplies, and Much More
Talim Johnson inched along toward the check-out counter, looking over her school’s shopping list to make sure she had not missed anything. Construction paper. Colored paper of various thicknesses and textures. File holders. Three-ring binders. Posters to brighten up the hallways. And a mannequin. “This is a hot item,” said Ms. Johnson, who teaches at the High School for Fashion Industries in Manhattan.  (New York Times)

Strides by Women, Still a Wage Gap
Women are gaining ground educationally and economically, but men still make more money on average and women are more likely to live in poverty, according to a White House report expected to be released Tuesday.  (Wall Street Journal)

A Push for More Pregnancies to Last 39 Weeks
For an unborn baby to develop fully, obstetrics groups firmly recommend 39 weeks in the womb—and not a day less, if labor will be induced without a medical reason. (Wall Street Journal)
Opioid Pain Killers Linked to Increased Risk of Some Birth Defects
( – Babies born to women who take opioid pain killers such as codeine, oxycodone or hydrocodone just before or in early pregnancy are at increased but modest risk of birth defects, according to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (Health News Digest)

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