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Parents Daily News Roundup

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Focus sharpens on children left in hot cars
The nation’s top road safety official visits here Monday for the first in a series of listening sessions on the dangers of hyperthermia and how best to inform parents and caregivers of the potentially tragic consequences of leaving children unattended in automobiles.

Summer camp behind bars: Program connects kids, incarcerated dads
The camp, which serves inmates from Washington D.C., is now held at two prisons in Maryland and a third in North Carolina that range from low to maximum security. Kids ages 9 to 14 spend their days with their dads in the prison gym or visiting room. Together, they dance, drum and make murals and create things like a family crest. At night, the kids and counselors sleep at an off-site facility.

All school, no play? Kids’ learning suffers without recess, experts say
For kids like Nadav, the transition from summer freedom to the grindstone of the classroom may be tough. With schools under pressure to meet standardized testing goals, recess has been cut back and even eliminated in some school districts. The irony, experts say, is that schools may be shooting themselves in the foot by taking away playtime that’s crucial to a child’s growth.

Bachmann points to foster parenting on her terms
From her first campaign to her latest, Republican presidential contender Michele Bachmann has used her time as a foster parent to help create an image of a family-focused Christian driven by compassion and social conviction.

Program teaches positive parenting strategies
The Capable Parents program provides free classes for local parents of children of all ages. On Tuesday, the program will kick off The Incredible Years, a free 14-week class for parents of children ages 3 to 6.

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Keep Kids Safe In Cars

Monday, August 9th, 2010

In our September issue, out now, we’ve got a story I hope everyone will read. It’s called “The Car Accidents You Don’t Think About” and it’s about the all-too-common occurrences like vehicles rolling over children, power windows that shut on their hands or even necks, cars that can be shifted into gear by a child. The story tells you how to avoid these mistakes, whether that involves technological gadgets (like sensors and cameras to let you know you’re about to hit something or someone) or plain old common sense.

Our story also addresses an issue that is particularly awful to think about. Every year, loving, caring, responsible parents like you and me accidentally leave their child in a hot car for hours. In many cases, the parent (or caregiver) completely forgets that he or she hasn’t dropped their child at day care, and the parent goes on with their day. The child almost always suffers heat stroke (or hyperthermia), and dies. You may not understand how this could possibly happen. I’ve had conversations with parents who believe it would never happen to them, and I get that. But every year, it happens to close to 40 families in the United States. When we started reporting this story in the spring, four children had already died in 2010 from hyperthermia. As of right now, 29 children have died. (This site tracks these deaths; if you’re so inclined, you can click on the map to learn exactly what happened in each case.)

There’s one simple way to prevent this particular tragedy: Keep your cell phone, or your purse or briefcase, or your work I.D. (or all three) in the back seat. This way you’ll never leave your car without checking there first.

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