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Have You Traveled Without the Kids?

Monday, February 13th, 2012

I was with parents of my 6-year-old daughter’s friends over the weekend, and an interesting question came up. One mom asked, “Would you ever go away without your kids?” My answer: “Would, have, and will.” The mom explained that while she and her husband have had lots of overnights without their daughters, ages 6 and 4–thanks to their own parents–they haven’t actually left town to go anywhere. She simply cannot, she says. You can guess her big fear: What if something happened to her and her husband while they were away?

I get that; the same thought has crossed my mind every time I’ve boarded a plane since becoming a mom (whether my husband is with me or not). I told her about a friend who’d felt the same way she did, and how when her sons were 4 and 7, she had the chance to join her husband on a free and pretty lavish business trip to Europe. She decided to do it. She was a wreck leading up to the trip, but forced herself to go. And everything worked out just fine. But this mom was unconvinced: “Can’t do it,” she said, smiling and shaking her head. “I just can’t.”

I’m curious to know how you feel.

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