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Daily News Roundup

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Goody Blog Daily News RoundupRisk and Reward in Utero
After a seven year study testing the effectiveness and dangers of prenatal and postnatal surgery for correcting potentially crippling spina bifida, it can be concluded that Fetal surgery, while increasing premature births and causing tearing at some mother’s incisions and less likely to have neurological problems or need shunts to drain brain fluid. (New York Times)

Teamwork in Young Children Encourages Sharing

In a study published in Psychological Science, three-year-old children shared with a peer after they worked together to earn a reward, even in situations where it would be easy for one child to keep all of the spoils for himself. (Medical News Today)

Pediatrics Report Details Risks From Energy Drinks

After reviewing data from the government and interest groups, scientific literature, case reports and articles in popular and trade media the Medical Journal of Pediatrics found the potential harms of energy drinks, caused mostly by too much caffeine or similar ingredients, include heart palpitations, seizures, strokes and even sudden death. (Fox News)

11-11-11 How to get the coolest birthday for your baby
One of the nation’s leading fertility specialists, Dr. Jamie Grifo has been receiving tons of phone calls asking when a couple should conceive in order to have a child born on November 11th.  This is the only opportunity of this lifetime to have your baby’s birth date with six of the same numbers.  The doctor recommends that if this is what you are aiming for, February 18th would be the best day to conceive making Valentine’s a viable day as well. (CNN)

When to test for ADHD

Parents are given four things to consider when determining whether or not their child is a candidate for ADHD:  count red flags, be aware of other developmental issues besides hyper activity, know the standards of your child’s school, and monitor their progress. (CNN)

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