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World Premiere Video: A Classic Remade for Kids

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Family-music heavyweights Elizabeth Mitchell (recently Grammy-nominated for Blue Clouds) and Dan Zanes (a Grammy winner for Catch That Train!) collaborated to record this beautiful update of Pete Seeger’s classic folk song, “Turn, Turn, Turn.” The orignal was written by Seeger in the late 1950s using Bible verses that remind us “to every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.” Before you fret about modern singers messing with the masterpiece, be reassured that the lyrics of this 2013 version were written by Seeger’s wife, Toshi, before she passed away in July at the age of 91 (days shy of their 70th wedding anniversary).

Sample lyrics that make this gorgeous rendition appealing to parents and kids include, “a time to teach, a time to learn, a time for all to take their turn.” It goes on to gently reminder us that there are times when we can play and get dirty, times when we celebrate and times when we cry, and times when we should just sit and rest. During the holiday season, when we all strive for peace but end up running around like crazy, the words cut to the heart of things.

Elizabeth Mitchell’s young daughter Storey shares singing duties; you’ll also see Mitchell’s husband Dan Littleton playing guitar. It’s a family affair, which makes the song all the sweeter. We’re thrilled to have exclusive dibs on this world premiere!

So without further ado…here is the video, watch it with your own little ones!

Turn Turn Turn!: A Music Video World Premiere
Turn Turn Turn!: A Music Video World Premiere
Turn Turn Turn!: A Music Video World Premiere

Here’s where you can buy Turn, Turn Turn.

And watch more of Mitchell and Zanes on YouTube.


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