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Parents Daily News Roundup

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

TSA Rolling Out New Screening Procedures for Children
Responding to the uproar over physical searches of children, the Transportation Security Administration is rolling out new procedures that should reduce, although not eliminate, the number of times children are patted down at airport checkpoints.

Could Parents Lose the Right to Know Baby’s Gender?
A Council of Europe committee has drafted a resolution that could keep parents-to-be in the dark concerning the gender of the fetus, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Michigan to Require BMI Reports on Kids
Gov. Rick Snyder plans to direct doctors in Michigan to begin monitoring the body weight of their young patients and provide the data to a state registry in one of the most extensive government efforts to address the growing problem of pediatric obesity, the Associated Press has learned.

In Ohio, Obama Emphasizes School Upgrades as Part of Jobs Proposal
In a spirited visit to a high school in Columbus, President Obama promoted the idea of school modernization leading to lower unemployment.

Brazil Census: Nearly 43,000 Kids Under 14 Married
Census figures from 2010 show that nearly 43,000 children under 14 years of age are living with a partner in Brazil in defiance of laws forbidding these unions.

Does Your Child Have a School Nurse?
Nurses are handling bigger caseloads, experts say, while students’ medical needs are becoming more complex.

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Daily News Roundup

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Parents of 6-year-old outraged over airport patdown
The parents of a 6-year-old American girl who got a pat-down at an airport security checkpoint earlier this month said Wednesday that there should be different screening procedures for children. Dr. Todd and Selena Drexel of Bowling Green, Kentucky, said that daughter Anna was confused by the security procedure at New Orleans airport, a video of which has been widely viewed since the family posted it on YouTube. (Yahoo News)

Young parents may let healthy lifestyle slip
It might not come as a surprise to busy parents, but a new study suggests that having young children may make it tougher to keep up healthy diet and exercise habits. The study, which surveyed more than 1,500 young adults, found that those with children age 5 or younger generally exercised less often than non-parents. And among women, young moms tended to eat more calories, sugary drinks and saturated fat — the artery-clogging fat found in meat, butter and milk. (Yahoo News)

Sesame Street beams American dream to Pakistan
The United States has turned to oversized puppets in its newest attempt to win hearts and minds in Pakistan, funding a $20 million remake of popular children’s TV programme Sesame Street. (Yahoo News)


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