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Parents Daily News Roundup

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Pediatricians Warn Families Against Trampolines
Kids should stay off trampolines at home and at the playground, U.S. pediatricians urged Monday, saying emergency departments across the country see nearly 100,000 injuries from the bouncy mats each year. (via Reuters)

13 New York City Schools Offering Morning-After Pills to High School Girls
The New York City Department of Education will allow girls as young as 14 to get the Plan B emergency contraception without parental consent. (via Washington Post)

Olympic Volleyball Gold Medalist Reveals She was Pregnant During the Olympics
Kerri Walsh Jennings reveals she was five weeks pregnant when she won a gold medal in London this summer. (via Today Health)

Trader Joe’s Recalls Peanut Butter
Trader Joe’s is recalling its house brand of peanut butter over fears of possible salmonella contamination. (via Time)

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