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10 Pedestrian Safety Tips for Kids and Teens

Monday, June 20th, 2011

It’s always an exciting time of year when kids get out of school for summer break. But with the extra time for outdoor activities, it’s important to remind children and teens about important pedestrian safety tips. Even if they’ve heard them before, a quick reminder will only take a few seconds and can potentially save their lives.

Pedestrian Crossing Sign

Here are ten quick tips to share with your kids:

1. Always look both ways before crossing. Never run into the street without looking and always pay attention.

2. Avoid taking roads that don’t have sidewalks, or crossing busy streets that don’t have cross walks.

3. Walk in the opposite direction of traffic so you’re facing the cars. This way you’re more aware of the cars coming towards you.

4. Never play in a street, parking lot or driveway.

5. Walk when crossing an intersection- don’t run.

6. Take the safest route with the least amount of street crossings.

7. Wear bright, reflective clothing during dawn, dusk or any low-light situations.

8. Always follow traffic signals and signs- they aren’t just for cars

9. Try to make eye contact with drivers when crossing the road. Just because you can see them, doesn’t always mean they can see you.

10. Always be aware of your surroundings.

Here’s an idea: Create your own list with your children and post it on a fridge or front door where they can easily access it!

Which pedestrian safety tips do you teach your kids?

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