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Aye Aye Caption, Part Quatre

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

104996852_1ffc789e43 Look! Up in the sky. It’s a bird … it’s a plane … no! It’s your winning caption for this adorable entry in our ongoing Aye Aye Caption contest.

The task is simple. And fun. Just take a gander at the photograph to the right, and post your funniest, wittiest, most clever caption that you can think of. Bask in the good humor of your fellow Goody Bloggers and check back often to see who’s saying what. And definitely check back next Monday to see if your caption was chosen as this week’s winner. Your prize? Well, we here at Goody Blog are big on the belief that there’s no greater gift than the satisfaction of knowing you’ve done a great job. ; )

Need a little inspiration? To review last week’s contest and its winners (our first ever tie!!), click here. (Just make sure you’re not sipping anything, unless you’re up for an I Love Lucy-esque spit-take.)

So take a crack at it. We’re sure you can come up with something superfunny. Good luck!

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Get More For Your Dollar

Saturday, March 3rd, 2007

Shirt ReadyMade is like our hip younger sister—you might have one of those—the type that hasn’t had kids yet, and does such cool things all the time that you can’t believe you’re even related. (In this case I’m being literal because we’re owned by the same company, so we actually have the same parent). Anyway, they posted this money shirt as a great way to leave a tip for your waiter, I immediately thought this would be a good thing for us parents too: What if the tooth fairy tricked out her dollar? Or maybe you could use it as a way to amuse the kids while you’re waiting in a restaurant or doctors office or any place where you need to pull out your bag of amuse/distract tricks. If you are good at this kind of stuff, possibilities for integrating it into your life seem endless. Instructions to make this and other amazing money folds can be found here.

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