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Daily News Roundup

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Pediatricians Issue New Vaccine Recommendations
Teenagers need a booster shot to protect them from meningococcal meningitis, a potentially deadly infection of the tissue around the brain, while all kids should have up-to-date whooping cough vaccines in light of recent outbreaks, according to new recommendations from pediatric experts. (Yahoo News)

It’s Up To Parents to Keep Achievement Rates from Going Down the Toilet
Zimmitti is one of the area’s premier potty trainers. And each year she sees a bigger frenzy among parents frantic to potty train their children – fast.
“There are real deadlines,” she said, “and the parents are just filled with extreme anxiety.” (Washington Post)

Children May Gain Weight After Tonsillectomy
Weight gain is common after children have their tonsils removed, an analysis of four decades of research concludes. Researchers from Saint Louis University found that 50 percent of the children in the studies gained more weight than expected as part of normal development, according to study lead author Dr. Anita Jeyakumar. While not “hugely surprising,” the findings are important to consider in light of the obesity epidemic and the frequency of tonsillectomy, she said. (Yahoo News)

Gates Calls for a Final Push to Eradicate Polio
On Monday, in a Manhattan town house that once belonged to polio’s most famous victim, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Bill Gates made an appeal for one more big push to wipe out world polio.  (New York Times)      

WHO Reviews GSK H1N1 Flu Shot After Narcolepsy Link
The World Health Organisation is reviewing the safety of GlaxoSmithKline’s Pandemrix H1N1 flu vaccine after a Finnish study suggested children who got the shot were nine times more likely to suffer from narcolepsy, a rare sleeping disorder. (Reuters)

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