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Parents Blog Roundup

Friday, January 28th, 2011

parent bloggers imageFrom Baby Chic 101: Kokopax debuts new colors for diaper bags

Who said diaper bags have been to be dowdy. You’ll be itching to run errands carrying these chic bags.

From My Wardrobe Today: Tuesday

This blogger has worn a size 4 through size 18. I bet she has an outfit that you’ll love.

I adore the fabulous eBay bracelet.

From The Spohrs are Multiplying: Meanest Daddy in the World

This daddy relished the days of when his daughter only cried when she was hungry or dirtied her diaper. Now he blames himself for her tears.

“Now that she is almost one, however, those are just two of a myriad of reasons she could be upset.  Let me count the ways…

When I walk into the kitchen and leave her sight for more than two seconds.

When she suddenly decides that our game of Peekaboo is no longer funny but scary.”

From Sweet Juniper: Superkids

My friends and I used to scream, “Earth, wind, fire…” as we banded hands and played Captain Planet. We had a mission: protect the swing sets from the other kids. My makeshift Captain Planet costume made out of my mother’s shawls  did not compare to the ones these kids got.

“How could we not make him a superhero costume for Christmas? The kid truly believed that a “real” cape would let him fly.”

From Daddy Dialetic: Parenting While Male: 74 Fathers Talk about Playground Discrimination

This stay-at-home daddy discusses the sideways glances he and other SAHD’s have encountered from other mothers, he was even once asked to leave the playground. It’s an interesting look at how SAHD’s fit into a community dominated by SAHM’s.

“This little twitter exchange echoes less-public discussion I’ve heard many times at gatherings of fathers: that they are made to feel like outsiders at parks, playgrounds, and situations where most of the other parents are moms or grandmoms–that their participation in playgroups or classes is sometimes rejected.”

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