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The Royal Christening: A Tale of Two Dresses

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

It’s royal fever time again: Prince George’s christening is finally here, and it in William and Kate fashion, the event’s likely to  break from tradition, but only in the classiest of ways, from a fashion photographer to changing the location.

First, let’s talk baby fashion. This is really going to be a tale of two dresses: Kate’s, and George’s (and probably the last time we’ll ever be talking about the prince’s dress!). No doubt Kate will wear one of her favorites from Jenny Packham, Alexander McQueen or Amelia Wickstead, my money being on the latter for her formal fitted coats that seem appropriate for a church setting.

However, if Kate’s post-baby body is what I imagine it to be, she may opt for a figure hugging McQueen. There is also the small chance that Kate will do something particularly modern, and even wear a nursing dress under a tailored coat.

As for little George, we expect he’ll be wearing the Spitalfields silk gown replica re-created by the Queen’s royal dresser and designer Angela Kelly.  The original had been worn by 60 royals before George, including his father and grandfather, and is the epitome of traditional.

The surprise twist, however, is the photographer who will be capturing the occasion: Jason Bell.  He’s a cutting-edge fashion photographer known more for his works in Vanity Fair and Vogue than for royal palace photos.

There are a couple of more remarkable things about this pending christening. One is the break from tradition in location.  Kate and William have chosen to hold the christening at the Chapel Royal at St. James’s Palace.  This is significant: It’s not where William nor Royals before him were christened, but it is the place that Diana’s body was laid to rest before her funeral—a location filled with meaning for William and for Kate.  This will also be the first time that the relatives will be all together!  All grandparents will be in attendance, and the future Kings: Prince Charles, Prince William, and of course Prince George. The six godparents, however, still remain a mystery.

So congratulations, Prince George. I can’t wait to see you in your finest.

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