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Faves of 2012: Holiday Helpers

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

If you’re hosting any holiday parties this year, you know how much work can go into a “fun” evening with family and friends. The good news is help is right around the corner…if you’re willing to splurge on it. We’ve compiled our wish-list of our dream party products.

Cool Cleaner: Dyson’s Animal Complete (DC41) is a dream machine for vacuuming up before and after your big shindig. The unit comes with a genius tangle-free turbine tool that sucks up pet (and guest) hair out of the carpet. It’s also awesome for parents who have kids kids with long, vac-killing locks (sorry, Mom). While Dyson is the designer vacuum, it does all the dirty work…and makes tons of accessories for just about any hairy situation. Click here for details.

Easy Bake: Bread, desserts, cookies for Santa–keep them all yummy for your party go-ers with NewMetro Design’s Dome Savers. The containers vacuum seal at the press of a button, so your fruitcake can stay fresh into the new year. Click here for details.

Live Entertainment: Get a big show from a little box with 3M’s innovative Streaming Projector. The portable device uses Roku to project TV shows and movies from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon, HBO GO, and more. Or you can just wow your guests with a screening of a life-size home movie on your living room wall. Click here for details.

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Faves of 2012: Cool Tablet Keyboards

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

During the holiday season, there are gadgets and gizmos a plenty, but the tech that caught our eye this year is the key to an great gift for that special someone (or yourself). These cases, stands, and tablets come with awesome keyboards to make typing on a device a breeze. Check them out.

For the iPad owner: Cygnett’s Lavish Connect has a Bluetooth keyboard cleverly attached to the protective case through built-in magnets. It tucks inside for easy storage and travel. Plus, the space-saver also has a kickstand on the back for instant movie night. Click here for details.

For the multi-device owner: If your husband, dad, or friend is one of those guys who has so many devices you (and probably he) can’t keep track of them all, Brookstone’s Tablet Station and Keyboard is a smart solution. The universal stand works with most tablets, comes with a detachable Bluetooth keyboard, and has two USB ports to charge multiple gadgets at once. Click here for details.

For the laptop lover: Of all the new gadgets that could be under our tree this year, we’re hoping Microsoft’s new Surface is wrapped and waiting. The nifty device combines what’s best about tablets (touch screen, apps, user-friendliness, portability) with what we love about laptops. The attention-grabber is the flashy removable keyboard (available in different colors) that clicks into the bottom of the device. But it also comes loaded with Windows 8, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and other laptop favorites. Click here for details.

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Easy Reading with the NOOK Simple Touch

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Books are timeless joys for you and your kids, but sometimes it’s inconvenient to lug them around or check out all of your child’s favorites from the library. Long gone are the days of carting around your novels–the new NOOK Simple Touch holds over 2.5 million books and allows you to borrow books from your public library. It also stays charged for about two months at a time, and it’s lightweight so you can throw it in your purse and whip it out while the kids are waiting for an appointment, bored on errands, or simply just need entertainment. The best part is that it still reads like a book and isn’t affected by sunlight (similar to the Kindle). To top it off, the NOOK has a variety of kid-friendly apps available! You can get it for $79 now. Click here for more details.

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Tony Hawk Talks Video Games

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Tony_Grind 3I have a confession to make. When I sat down to chat with Tony a few weeks ago about  Shred, I wasn’t convinced that a video game revolving around skateboarding and snowboarding would be able to capture my attention. I mean, I didn’t know much about the sport, so what would I have to say?

I was wrong. Not only was the game itself challenging and super-easy to play all at the same time,  but Tony was so obviously passionate about it that his love of skateboarding sort of rubbed off on me. I mean, I’m no pro, but let’s just say that at the next family get-together, my younger cousins should definitely watch their backs—cause I’ve been practicing…

What age-range is best for this game?
I really think it’s an all-ages game. I think kids sort of go to it quicker and with less trepidation because they just get on and hop around. Some parents think somehow this game is as hard as real skateboarding, but it’s not. And adults think they’re going to get on and the board is going to shoot out from under them, but it’s not. And so I think the kids, they just love trying it—they’re down for anything. If I had to make a guess at an age range, I’d say 4 to 14 would be who would get it the most, get it quickly.

Have your kids played it?
Yeah, they like it. It’s funny, my 9-year-old doesn’t skate very much, and when he gets on he has his own take on it, and he has tricks that none of us use, I think because he doesn’t come from that mindset that he has to do it like a professional skateboarder. He’s just having fun.

What would you say the best part of skateboarding is in terms of what kids can learn from it?
I think it really teaches you a lot about self-confidence and self-motivation, because it’s not someone telling you that you have to go and do these drills and try these specific things. You can go at your own pace, and if you want to get better at it, it’s all about you setting those challenges for yourself. I feel like kids are capable of anything that they want to do, and they don’t have to have someone drilling ideas into them and telling them how to do it.

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Your computer, only better

Sunday, February 4th, 2007

Img_1455_2That’s my nephew Nolan. He’s 2 1/2, is a frozen waffle fanatic, and says "Whatcha doin’ guys?" every time he enters a room. Yeah, pretty cute. Sadly he lives all the way in Portland, Oregon and his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins all live in Chicago or the East Coast, so he rarely gets to see us. This bums my brother out, so last Saturday he dragged our whole family into the 21st century by showing us how to videoconference on our computers. We all have new Mac computers with built-in iSight cameras (which are so fab), but you can also buy an external iSight camera to stick on top of your Mac. (Know how to do this for a PC? I don’t—please tell us!) If you love your parents and they live far away, I am BEGGING you to get them one of these cameras and take the time to get them hooked up (we did it in 10 minutes). In one afternoon Nolan got to see his Chicago cousin’s new puppy, play a pretend game of catch with his grandfather in Connecticut, and show his NYC aunt his new green shoes.

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