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Should Teachers Grade Parents, Too?

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

State legislator Kelli Stargel recently filed a bill in the Florida House of Representatives that would require school teachers to grade the parents of their K-3rd grade students.

The bill, HB 255, notes that:

“Although the school environment has a great  impact on a child’s well-being and academic success, parents and  the home environment form the foundation of a child’s present  and future life. Without proper parental involvement in all aspects of a child’s life, the child’s prospects to be a well-equipped and useful member of society are greatly diminished.”

This may all be true, but Stargel goes even further by proposing that teachers include a parental involvement grade based on four criteria. Each child’s parent or parents would receive a “satisfactory,” “needs improvement,” or “unsatisfactory” marking based on the following:

1. Parental response to requests for conferences or  communication.
2. The student’s completion of homework and preparation  for tests.
3. The student’s physical preparation for school that has an effect on mental preparation.
4. The frequency of the student’s absence and tardiness.

So what do you think? Is it a good idea to have teachers grading parents on their involvement? What would your grade be?

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Daily News Roundup

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Goody Blog Daily News RoundupDoctor is charged in Killing of Newborns
An abortion doctor who served minority and immigrant women in his clinic in Philadelphia was charged with multiple counts of murder on Wednesday in the deaths of a woman and seven newborn babies. Dr. Gosnell, a family practitioner who was not certified in obstetrics, performed late-term abortions, after 24 weeks through a process called snipping. (USA Today)

Rethinking Evaluations When Almost Every Teacher Gets an ‘A’
It is impossible to tell how well they (Teachers) are performing, some educators say. For the 09/10 School year only 2 percent of teachers received below average reviews. “We have to create a better evaluation system that really names what high-quality instruction looks like,” said Superintendent Anthony Smith of  the Oakland district. (New York Times)

Filtered and bottled water consumption could increase tooth decay risk
Family’s tap water might put teeth at risk. As Americans’ consumption of bottled water has risen – it has doubled over the past decade – it is reducing the daily exposure Americans get to the mineral (flouride) that helps prevent tooth decay. (Washington Post)

Do birth-control pills make you gain weight? Study says no
A new study has found that oral contraceptives do not cause weight gain. To conduct their research, scientists and physicians studied a group of rhesus macaque monkeys because their reproductive system is nearly identical to humans. “This study suggests that worries about weight gain with pill use appear to be based more on fiction than on fact.” There may be a differential effect depending on your starting weight — heavier individuals who keep their diet stable may see a weight loss with pill use. (Chicago Tribune)

Want to get pregnant? Up your vitamin E intake
Couples who struggle to conceive could find baby-making help from antioxidants such as vitamin E and zinc. The researchers focused on men who were subfertile — less fertile than average but still capable of making a baby — and found that those who took antioxidants were more than four times as likely to get their partners pregnant than subfertile men who did not take the supplements. Further, men taking antioxidants improved the likelihood of their partners giving birth to a live baby. (MSNBC)

Families go ‘wild’ in new science trivia game
This test-your-knowledge game is perfect for families who enjoy science and exploring the amazing creatures found in our world. It offers many ways for families to play together, but at its heart it is a science trivia game. (MSNBC)

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Daily News Roundup

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Goody Blog Daily News RoundupVitamin D Helps Kids’ Breathing, Study Says: Are Supplements Smart?
Strong bones aren’t the only benefit of vitamin D. A new study suggests that the “sunshine vitamin” helps prevent breathing problems in infants and young children.”Our data suggest that the association between vitamin D and wheezing, which can be a symptom of many respiratory diseases and not just asthma, is largely due to respiratory infections,” study leader Dr. Carlos Camargo, associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, said in a written statement. [CBS News]

Madonna Plays Santa for Malawi Children
Madonna wasn’t able to visit Malawi this Christmas, but she let the children in the six orphanages she funds there know they were very much on her mind this holiday season.  Boxes of toys, chocolate, other sweets and clothes were shipped with a handwritten note from the star, which read, “To my Malawi children on Christmas and Boxing Day. I wish I was with you. See you soon M.” Inside the goodie boxes were miniature Christmas cards signed by Madonna, Lourdes and Rocco. [CNN]

Teacher Effort Is Linked To Difficult Students’ Inherited Traits
Challenging students take up more of their teachers’ time – and the difference between a tougher student and an easier one appears to be genetic, according to a new study published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. The study looked at young twins in the U.K. and asked their teachers how much of a handful they are. [Medical News Today]


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How to make a teacher fall in love with you

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

Back to school season is fast approaching and now is a great time to think about how you might volunteer  in your child’s classroom. Every study I’ve read shows that kids do better academically when their parents are actively involved in their schoolwork and education. Of course not everyone has the time and energy to be  class parent or even assistant class parent. But we all have talents that a teacher can put to good use. Love to knit? Bake? Golf? Make model airplanes? Scrapbook? Go share your special skills with a classroom full of kids.  Last year my husband Rob went into my nine year old daughter Gracie’s classroom to teach the fourth graders all about his particular passion: filmmaking. The kids were thrilled. So thrilled, that this year Rob is going back to run an after-school program on filmmaking for kids. Check out one of Gracie’s movie: She’s demonstrates how to build a stick chair in about a minute!

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