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A Perfect Back-to-School Book

Monday, August 27th, 2012

My daughter starts second grade next week, which means only one thing: We’re in a frantic race to finish the summer packet she needs to bring in during the first week of school. She’s down to her final worksheets, one of which requires an extensive summary of a fiction book. She’s been dragging her feet, but I know a perfect book to get her moving: Rocket Writes a Story, by Tad Hills. Maybe your child has read the book this is based on, How Rocket Learned to Read: In it, Rocket the dog reluctantly gets reading lessons from an assertive little yellow bird, and the whole world opens up for him after that. In the sequel, he’s now an avid reader who’s eager to write his own story, but doesn’t think he has anything worth writing about. The yellow bird teaches Rocket about inspiration, and between that a new friend he’s made, he creates a beautiful story. If you read it, tell me if it was just me or if the ending got you a little teary-eyed, too…


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