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Kids’ Room Storage, Up to 40% Off

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Kick your children’s clutter to the curb with key organizational pieces that will save you time and sanity. Not only are these kids’ room storage solutions easy, but they’re also currently deeply discounted at Shop Parents. So go clean up!

• It may be a jungle outside, but it doesn’t need to be in your child’s bedroom if you have this Sunny Safari bench festooned with zebras, giraffes, and monkeys.

• Make the most of ceiling height with a tall bookcase, or opt for a headboard with shelves and built-in cubbies.

• If your daughter loves the Lalaloopsy dolls, then she will adore this Lalaloopsy storage ottoman with images of Peanut Big Top, Jewel Sparkles, and the rest of the gang!

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Poll: Do You Save All of Your Child’s Artwork?

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

You want to support your little budding artists, but the amount of artwork is taking over every inch of your storage space. 

A recent New York Times article noted a growing dilemma among parents–where (or how) to store all the glittery scribbles their children produce at school, at home, and just about everywhere.  Some parents ruthlessly edit or surreptitiously discard less-inspired artwork, intent on keeping the home uncluttered while teaching their kids not to be sentimental pack rats. 

Other parents, however, can’t bear to part with their children’s drawings and paintings (no matter how banal), preferring to find creative storage or display solutions.  Still others have discovered the savvy (but time-consuming) solution of scanning all their children’s artwork onto a computer and compiling a digital scrapbook. 

At Parents, we offer creative solutions for transforming your kid’s art into playing cards and jewelry to save on storage space while also showing your kids you value their artistic efforts.

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As a parent, what solutions would you offer for saving your children’s artwork?

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Stroller Storage for Tight Spaces

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

New_2If you’re an urban dweller with limited room for a bulky stroller—or if you’re just sick of banging into it every time you’re in the foyer, this may be the product for you. Metro Tots StrollAway is a new over-the-door hook that was designed by an NYC mom who just couldn’t find a good place to keep her stroller. The hook fits most models and has a spacer to let it adjust to the width of your closet door. Now you just have to clear out some closet space to make room for the hanging stroller!

Thanks Urban Baby!

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