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Best Deals for the Week Across the Web

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

By Susan Yoo-Lee, Editor of

The average family spends a lot of money on food (and perhaps even more so in the summer with all those barbeques, trips out to eat while on vacation and stops at the ice cream shop). This week our deals will help you save a bit of that cash for some more fun things during this time of year. With discounts on items from Carvel, Longhorn, Black Angus and more, load up while the getting’s cheap so you can spend more time enjoying the warm sunshine and less time worrying about what’s for dinner.

  1. CarvelBuy 1 get 1 free sundaes every Wednesday in the summer (Print coupon to redeem). Expires 9/30/2014.
  2. Mimis CafeBuy any breakfast or dinner entree and 2 drinks, get 1 free (Print coupon to redeem). Expires 8/17/2014.
  3. Longhorn Steakhouse. Buy 1 get 1 50% off lunch combinations (Print coupon to redeem). Expires 8/8/2014.
  4. Starbucks. Get a Grande cold drink for just $2 with your morning coffee recipe (just bring your morning recipe back after 2pm to get your choice of grande cold beverage for just $2). Expires 8/17/2014.
  5. Black Angus. Get any lunch entree for $8.50 with beverage purchase (Print coupon to redeem). Expires 8/18/2014.
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Hilarious Mom Blogs About Quirky Challenges

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Most parents’ New Years resolutions tend to be similar: spend more time with your kids, turn off electronics at night, eat healthier as a family. Would you ever consider making your goals for the new year more unusual? One Seattle mom of two, Beautiful Existence — yes, that is really her given name — does just that. Each year Beautiful surprises her followers with a completely random-sounding challenge for herself. In 2013, she promised that she would eat at Starbucks for every meal. Every single meal all year. And, the year before that, she vowed to follow Parents magazine’s advice all year long. She made crafts, used our parenting tips, and even took the opportunity to make fun of our ads. (We’re flattered!)

For her Starbucks challenge, Beautiful had to get creative, especially around the holidays. On Passover, she made an impressive-looking Seder plate and, on Thanksgiving, she had her own little feast out of Starbucks offerings. She even gave herself a Starbucks Coffee Facial Scrub. (For the record, according to Beautiful, it worked great.) She was able to stay on the Starbucks-only diet all year, though she was, of course, eager to eat somewhere else on January 1.

What will Beautiful be doing this year? She’ll be learning every recreational sport — there are over 80 on her list. Now that’s a dedicated and healthy goal.

Beautiful’s hilarious blog is not only an entertaining look at her daily trips to the popular coffee chain, but also an example of a mom who had an offbeat, awesome idea and went with it. It’s exciting that one person can create such a following through blogging.

If you’re feeling creative, try this fun and easy craft with your kids.

Kid Craft: Cute Paper Animal Heads
Kid Craft: Cute Paper Animal Heads
Kid Craft: Cute Paper Animal Heads

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Parents Daily News Roundup

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

‘The Lion King 3D’ Claims Box-Office Crown with $29.3 Million
Nostalgia wins again! Disney’s “The Lion King 3D,” a technologically enhanced re-release of the 1994 animated classic, tore up the competition at the box office this weekend, earning an estimated $29.3 million — more than the other three newcomers combined.

Learning to See: How Vision Sharpens
Babies are born nearly blind. You may think that your newborn is gazing into your eyes, but what she actually sees is a vaguely face-shaped blur, associated with loving sounds and possibly milk.

Neighbors Save Baby Boy with Infant CPR
An Auburn mother bottle-feeding her baby boy suddenly realizes he’s blue and not breathing. Fortunately her neighbors knew what to do.

Can Fatty Acids in Breast Milk or Formula Make Kids Smarter?
Whether they’re fed by bottle or breast, babies seem to turn out smarter when nourished with healthy fatty acids found in breast milk and some formulas, two new studies indicate.

Lack of Sleep Hurts Kids’ Academic Performance: Study
Inadequate sleep and the absence of a good bedtime routine take a toll on the school performance of primary school children, research shows.

Norfolk Family Sues Starbucks
A Norfolk family is suing Starbucks after they say their 5-year-old daughter found a camera in a store bathroom.

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