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A Michigan Mom Has Some Lucky Numbers

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Last Sunday, Michigan mom Barbie Soper gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Cearra Nicole at Spectrum Health Hospital in Grand Rapids. Seventeen other babies were also born in the same hospital that day – 10/10/10 – so what makes the newest addition to Soper’s family extra-special?

Born three weeks early, baby Cearra joins big sibs Chloe and Cameron in sharing a pretty spectacular birthday coincidence: sister Chloe was born 08/08/08, and brother Cameron was born 09/09/09.

With two little ones and a newborn, Barbie and her husband, Chad, definitely have a lot on their plates, but if one thing’s for sure, they’ll never run into any trouble remembering their children’s birthdays!  [9 News]

And, you can check back here next year to see if they continue the streak on 11/11/11.

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