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American Baby’s Baby Booty: (Sweet)Peace in the New Year!

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Graco's SweetPeace

I may be a little obsessed with places to sit a baby. Last week I sang the praises of the Baby Bjorn Babysitter; this week, I’m on to the Graco SweetPeace. Let me unleash my baby-gear geekdom for a minute! Graco invented the baby swing way-back-when; it was inspired by a mom who soothed her baby while sitting on a glider swing in her backyard. (You can read the story here, along with a fact I love: That the son of the swing inventor dreamed up the Pack ‘n Play!) Baby swings have been tweaked over the years and made better; now the popular Fisher-Price cradle swings win one of our readers’-choice awards, the American Baby Bests, every year.

So what is the SweetPeace? It’s a fairly advanced soothing device for that first difficult half-year. Unlike any regular baby swing, the seat is superadjustable: You can recline it, or move it to face a different direction. You can even take the seat off and put in a Graco car seat if your baby prefers to sit in that. It comes with plenty of sounds, even white noise, but if you or your baby doesn’t like them, you can plug in your MP3 player and play anything you want. Oh and you can plug in the whole SweetPeace; you don’t have to run it on batteries. And of course you can set different swinging speeds.

The SweetPeace didn’t exist when my babies were tiny, so I’m sort of jealous of parents who have it now. It’s a swing, but maybe better than a swing, because it more closely mimics a parent’s natural rocking motion. It’s almost a whole new category of baby gear. It costs about $180, but I’m able to give one away here, thanks to Graco! So post a comment; how about you tell us what helps to calm your baby, if you’re a new parent? And if you’re pregnant, tell me where you’re making your baby registry (because I’m currently working on the mother of all registry guides). One lucky poster will win the SweetPeace; the full rules are here. You have through Wednesday, January 4th to comment. Goody luck!

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