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Middle Child? August 12 Is Your Day!

Monday, August 11th, 2014

August is certainly the month for celebrating family! In case you missed it, Sisters Day took place on August 3, while August 11 and 12 mark Son and Daughter Day and Middle Child Day, respectively.

Middle children are often thought to be the neglected ones in the family, but that hasn’t stopped our favorite on-screen kiddos from showing their spunk. After all, what would Modern Family be without brainiac Alex? Can you imagine The Middle (which actually refers to the Midwest, not birth order!) without overeager Sue? Going back a decade (or two!), how much did you love Even Stevens‘ Ren and Full House‘s Stephanie?

Real-life middles have been pretty accomplished–think Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Princess Diana, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Personality-wise, middle children are thought to be people-pleasers, somewhat rebellious, peacemakers, and social creatures. Quite the mix of traits!

Are you a middle child or the parent of one? Do you or your child exhibit any of the traits mentioned? Here’s what a few of our Parents editors have to say about their middle child role!

“I’m a middle child, a girl between two brothers. When I was really little I hated it because the two of them were the best of friends and they would always pick on me. As a teen and an adult, however, I love that I’m neither first nor last. I’ve always had my older brother there to pave the way for me. He taught me from his experiences, yet I still had the opportunity to teach my younger brother from mine.” –Alexandra Johnston, assistant photo editor

“I’m a middle child (and also the only girl). My older brother was hyperactive and my younger one was the mellowest kid ever. My parents were so busy ‘handling’ one and being grateful for the other that I was able to fly under their radar—and consequently got away with a lot!” –Alexa Barre, copy editor




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