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American Baby’s Baby Booty: Who Wouldn’t Want a Nap Nanny?

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Looks comfy!

We see a lot of products dreamed up by frustrated parents, but one that I keep going back to is the Nap Nanny. A mom in Pennsylvania had a daughter who didn’t want to sleep anywhere but in her car seat or swing. It’s such a common story, but this was the first woman I ever met who got so fired up about it, she designed, and then manufactured, a new kind of baby product. (TRUST me, that is a huge investment of time, money, and sanity!) Her Nap Nanny doesn’t have to replace a bouncer seat and it’s not meant to go into a crib (ever! It must live on your floor). It’s a sleep spot for all those babies out there who can’t or won’t sleep flat on their back.

Of course, you don’t know if you have THAT kind of baby until you have one, right? But if you do, or if your baby suffers from reflux and you’re looking for a comfy spot to sit him in (especially after feedings), this could be a lifesaver for you. Check out all the testimonials at

And pssst, we keep one around here for photo shoots because let me tell you, it makes taking cute pictures of a young baby pretty easy! In fact, Sandra Bullock’s son Louis made his big photo debut in People magazine sitting in a Nap Nanny.

Want to try it out? The folks from Nap Nanny will give one of seat, valued at $129, to one person (chosen at random) who comments at this post. How about you tell us where your baby likes to sleep? And while we’ve got you…how about you vote for your favorite bouncer, swing, and crib over at our American Baby Bests polls? (No Nap Nanny on our polls this year, but maybe its time will come!) You can post here once a day between now and the end of the day on Wednesday, May 2, 2012. You can read the full rules here. Goody luck!

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American Baby’s Baby Booty: Busy Busy Busy!

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Baby Einstein's new Baby Neptune saucer

We used to call my daughter’s activity center “the office.” We’d put her in, and she’d sit with a determined expression and get busy with the toys, spinning herself slowly around to access all of them. Her seriousness about it was hysterical for the adults in the house. It also drove home to us the adage that “play is a child’s work.” Mastering toys is a baby’s job!

Does your baby have an activity center or jumper that he or she adores? If so, we want to hear about it for our American Baby Bests contest. We’re taking nominations for products that babies and parents love, and will turn those into polls that will go live in a few weeks. (Don’t worry, I’ll announce when they’re up!) In the meantime, you can vote for your favorite baby products here. You have to join our community in order to post there, but the good news is, posting about your favorite products makes you eligible for a $250 prize! The rules for that contest are here.

Meanwhile, if you don’t yet have an activity center and need one…this could be your big break! We’re photographing this awesome Baby Neptune Activity Saucer, from Baby Einstein, for a summer issue. And we’ve got an extra one still in its box that we’re happy to ship out to a baby who seriously needs to play. Leave a comment below—you can leave a comment once a day—anytime between now and the end of the day Wednesday, March 21st. We’ll randomly pick a person to win this $90 supertoy. You can read the full rules here. Goody luck!

How happy is this baby?!

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American Baby’s Baby Booty: Hooked on Nook!

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

I love books and magazines. I adore kids’ books too. And so I was one of those technophobes who thought that maybe a tablet or e-reader would diminish the fun that is flipping pages. Of course, it’s not so. Once I got a Nook into my hands, I became entranced with how easy it is to carry my reading with me. Now I also use it to play Angry Birds. And read trashy tabloid magazines. And download stuff for my kids.

You see, there are children’s books, like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, that are kind of magical when they play out on the Nook, with all the bright colors on the screen. I also like checking out reads like Sandra Boynton’s Snuggle Puppy. It’s maybe the sweetest book ever, but I was always curious how the author would say (or sing!) it, since it’s definitely open to dramatic interpretation. With the Nook version, you can hear Boynton read it or do it your own way.

The exciting news from Barnes and Noble is that Laurie Berkner, every baby’s favorite singer, is launching her new book for the Nook, called Party Day. It’s got singing and dancing animation and is, in short, perfect for a baby or toddler. To celebrate, we can give one lucky family their very own Nook (worth $249) and a code to download Berkner’s book (worth $9.99). Yay! That’s worth $258.99! All you have to do is leave a comment at this post; you can comment once a day between Thursday March 1 and the end of Wednesday March 7th. You can read the full rules here. Goody luck!

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American Baby invites you!

Friday, February 24th, 2012

One of Britax's new models

One of the best parts about being a magazine editor? You get invited to fun events. We go to breakfasts and lunches to view and hear about new products. We enjoy free food, advance information about stuff that will be coming to market, and, if we’re lucky, a goody bag to boot!

Britax is holding one such breakfast on Tuesday, March 13th, and their invite added a cool twist. It says I can invite one American Baby devotee to join me! But there are serious limitations. You have to live in the New York City area, because you have to get yourself to Manhattan for the event. (No travel reimbursement.) Also, I can’t guarantee you’ll get anything interesting to take home other than a full belly! But if you’d love to play editor for a morning, see the Britax line of strollers and meet the people who design them, leave a comment here. You’re welcome to bring your baby, too. Post a comment now through the end of the day on Monday, March 5th. After that I’ll randomly select someone to join me between 9am and 11am, Tuesday March 13th, on the East Side of Manhattan. (I’ll email the winner exact directions!) Goody luck!

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American Baby’s Baby Booty: Announcing…

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

I was one of those people who planned each of my baby’s birth announcements while I was still pregnant. Grace’s were from a Martha Stewart kit (oh, the things we do for the firstborn!), and Joe’s were from a stationary Web site. Planning in advance, when when I was in nesting mode, was actually a good move. I didn’t yet know

Birth announcements from

the birth date or the baby’s weight, but  I knew which font I liked and what border pattern was cute. I planned each announcement, then filled in the details after the baby was born.

But here’s what I did wrong: In my postpartum mania (I’m surely not the only person who felt adrenaline-filled euphoria for a week after giving birth, before I crashed), I got those announcements out fast. Like, mailed out within two weeks of the birth. Very efficient.

Unfortunately…newborns are not the most adorable creatures. I had gorgeous babies, but when I look back at their birth announcements, I cringe a little. I don’t think Grace’s was even in focus! And they were each SO much sweeter-looking a month later. I’m not even going to post their birth announcements here. Though I will show you one-month old Joe, because I need to make up in bragging now what I missed when I created those too-early birth announcements.

Tiny baby Joe

Here’s what you can learn from my mistake. Have a plan for the birth announcements, but don’t worry about mailing them out for a good month. Chances are everyone you’re close to will have seen pictures on Facebook anyway. That means the birth announcement isn’t everyone’s first look at the baby, but it IS the picture that will get stuck up on their fridge. Make sure it’s cute! Beyoncé seems to already know this. She waited a month before posting Blue’s photo online!

To kickstart your birth-announcement plans (or to help you create first-birthday party invites, or thank-you cards, or whatever), is letting us give away two $50 gift-certificate codes. The site used to be primarily for building photo books, but they’ve recently expanded to include birth announcements, invitations…lots of good stuff. Just leave a comment here between now and the end of the day on Wednesday, February 29th. You’re welcome to post one comment a day. You can read the full rules here. Goody luck!

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American Baby’s Baby Booty: Support for Nursing

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Breastfeeding is something you both have to learn; Mom and Baby. It’s rarely simple for a first-timers. But once you both get it, you can go on autopilot. I try to encourage pregnant women to have all kinds of tools for those first few weeks: A lactation consultant on-call, a comfy nursing bra you can wear all day and night, and a designated spot to sit where you can keep water to drink and have something to relax your mind, whether it’s the TV or a magazine or your smartphone to scroll through Facebook. Also you need a nursing pillow, which saves you from hunching over in a back-aching position while your newborn nurses every two hours around the clock. A nursing pillow makes everything nice and comfy for your baby, too!

Our readers seem to agree; for years now, in our Bests for Baby contest, the Boppy pillow has gotten the most votes as a new-mom must-have. It’s what I used; in fact, I think I had one on each floor of the house! The C-shape fits plenty of bodies and makes for a baby-propping support later on, when you’re helping your child learn to sit up.

The Boppy

There are a few new pillows on the market now too. Simplisse launched the Gia, which is more of a raindrop or a comma shape. It holds your baby at a slight incline, which could help with reflux, and provides lots of extra cushioning for his or her head. The cotton cover is anti-bacterial and removable. Seems smart!

And finally, this week we met the Mombo, a new U-shaped nursing pillow from Bright Starts Comfort & Harmony line. It’s more fitted to your body, so it stays in place. One side is firm, if your baby likes the support; flip it over for a softer side, if your baby prefers to lay on that. It comes with an optional vibration unit, too, to give your baby a little massage!


The Gia

I’d love to know what you used to make breastfeeding easier. And please, join our community and post on the Baby Bests discussion boards, here. Spout off on all your favorite products: what you buy for friends’ baby showers, what little thing under $10 turned out to be a lifesaver, all that good stuff.

The Mombo

Finally if you leave a comment here at this blog, you’re eligible to win the Gia (worth $40) one of two Mombos (also worth $40 each), a Boppy ($40) or a Travel Boppy ($45). You have between now and the end of the day on Thursday, February 9th, to enter. You can read the full rules here. Goody luck!

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Last-Minute Holiday Shopping: Smart Cases

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Three of the hottest gifts for the holidays are the Kindle Fire, iPhone 4S, and the iPad 2. These big-ticket items may be a little too pricey for your gift-giving budget for friends this season (If not, friend me on Facebook. *wink, wink*), but you can still buy an awesome accessory for these devices. If your sweetie, BFF, or Aunt Marge already owns (or is about to own) one, consider giving a cool case to protect it.


For the iPhone 4S:

Two cases stood out for different reasons. First, the Juice Pack Air from Mophie serves as both a protective case and as a battery charger. This is great for people who are always on the go–and it helps with that pesky little battery-life problem the 4S seems to have. Mophie is also releasing a RED version of the case, which gives a portion of the proceeds to the fight against AIDS.

The other one is the CandyShell Flip from Speck. It solves one of the most annoying things about cases: You have to remove a lot of them to be able to dock your iPhone. Not an easy task once or twice a day. But the Flip’s bottom half bends back (without coming off) for easy docking. Genius.


For the iPad 2:

Speck also has a stellar selection of iPad 2 cases at different price points. But our hands-down favorite is Speck’s innovative case for kids. The iGuy makes it easy for kids to hold and carry the device–and harder for them to drop and break it. Plus, it’s just adorable-looking.


For the Kindle Fire:

G-Form wins the “Most Durable” award for its Kindle Fire case (It also has sleeves for the iPad 2). It’s water-resistant, impact-absorbing, and great for that klutzy friend on your list.




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Last-Minute Holiday Shopping: Video Games for Grown Ups

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Yesterday, we shared some more of our favorite video games for kids, but today, we’re highlighting our picks for the adults on your holiday-shopping list. That’s right! Grown-ups can get some use out of their children’s video-game systems, too. Check out our top three for 2011.


For Your Stress-Out Friend: He or she can mellow out with Deepak Chopra’s Leela–yes, that Deepak! ($40 for Wii or Xbox 360).


For Your Fitness-Loving / Fitness-Phobic Friend: Get your groove on and take the pounds off with Zumba Fitness 2. ($30 for the Wii)


For the Life of the Party: Whether your friend (or you) likes the show or just to show off, Karaoke Revolution Glee: Volume 3 will rock any holiday party. ($40+ for Xbox 360 or Wii)


For an Awesome Splurge: Exercise equipment that works with your Wii? Yes, please! Make work-outs more fun with Cyberbike Magnetic Edition. ($200)


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